Prototype WR motor - MUST SEE

You guys have got to see this, I am blown away,

Scoll down on the left to "V8 Engine video" turn the volume up to appreciate the throttle response on this thing, then notice how small this thing is.

This guy is amazing.

Weber Precision

Wow, that is cool. If you want to see what a big one (500+ cubic inches) does, go to an NHRA pro race. Nothing else like it.

Thats cool :thumbsup: I'm ready for one.

I'm sure the tree huggers would love to start seeing those mounted into our ORV's :thumbsup:

102 cc is too small to haul my ass around! :thumbsup: Cool little V8 engine but it is difficult to see what application it was designed for? Lawnmower? :thumbsup:

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