Hey I am in town this Saturday

YES, really. I will be landing this Saturday.

Any of you guys interested in getting together Saturday night for a few drinks.... PLEASE, say yes....... Lots of Sotries to tell.... As well as a few Rumors from the grape vine. Remeber the one about the XR/CR400 I posted about 8 months ago..... More Juicy stuff coming your way


Hey Mitch, happy new year and all that stuff, I hope santa brought you some trick gear.

Which town are you going to be in this Saturday??? :)

Great Mitchy,

I fly into Boston Saturday from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We can meet at the "Cheers" bar. Maybe we will run into "Norm".

See you there Pal!! :)


Kevin, old friend.....

I will be in San Fran for the week. If there is any chance you can fly down, let me know...


Zippo, Pal. But I could sure use some company...I have come close to losing it several times since the $hit has has hit the fan of (married) life...


If you can find your way to the left coast we could arrange for a bike.... Sounds like you could use a weekend (longer?) away from the day to day grind at home. There is a group from DRN getting together over Presidents Day weekend at Reno - it's the Ladies Valentine's Ride, but they're letting the guys join them. How's some desert riding sound? Think you could handle the XR250 if the wife would let you borrow it? Of course you'd have to promise not to break it - only I can do that :) Maybe let you step up to the KX500 - are you man enough?

You know you've got a place to stay out here if want.


Thanks, Bri!!

Kevin :)


Where is the ride in Reno and who is putting it on?

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