Need Radiator


Taco'd my right hand side radiator, anyone got one for sale? If not, does anyone know where to buy one and where to find the best price??

Thanks as usual.


they are not cheap! I was really impressed with Mylers radiator repair. It is amazing what that guy can fix. His prices are right too. Might be worth a try? Here is his info; (800)367-7699 8414 McDowell Ct.,west jordan,UT 84088. His add is in the back of Dirt Rider magizines.

I did that once...I still have a half of a radiator, left side I think.

Get a pair of DEVOL rad. guards/braces. They wrap aroundthe whole rad. about a 1/4" from the outside of rad to the guard. it does widen the shrouds a little, but that just forces more air to flow thru = more cooling. at 75$ they are good insurance.

and if your luck is like mine, once all of the guards are on you won't fall any more!!

I have a spare set of '98-99 radiators if anyone is interested.


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The best price I found for a left side radiator was at Apache Honda in Arizona. Email me if you need the number - I'll have to look it up.

The rads on Ebay are for a YZ (10 tubes) - WR rads have 10 tubes. YZ rads are cheaper from the dealer but I stuck with the WRs since I ride soooo slow and get no airflow :)


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