XR Silencer

I want to replace the silencer on my '88 XR600R, but I can't seem to find one. I can find them for about every year but '88. I was thinking something a little more 'trick' than the stock silencer - something like a White Bros stainless, etc.

Anyone now where I can get something like this? Do I just buy a regular silencer and get a pipe conversion (if it exists)? If so, where do I get that?

Is that the year that had the funky dual pipes into the silencer? If that is the case, find an exhaust header too and eliminate the need for a special silencer.

There's one on eBay now, and it is still at $50.

Thanks! Do you happen to know the item number?

Also - yes - this is the year with the funky dual pipes, which I think is why I'm having problems finding a silencer.

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