still leaking

I posted the other day and learned that I probably overfilled my oil. It was leaking all over and pouring out of the dipstick hole. I went ahead and changed the oil and put in 1 quart. Today when i started it I noticed a slow drip where the header goes into the engine. Could this be just a little extra oil that needs to drip out or is this a totally new problem?

Did you forget to drain the oil out of the frame? :thumbsup:

Did you forget to drain the oil out of the frame? :thumbsup:

YUP what he said! SOMETHING IS BAD WRONG!!! :thumbsup:

just above where your header goes into the motor feel for you decompression plug when i had oil on my header that was the problem i lost the plug and it only would leak after i ran the bike

I didnt forget to drain the frame. I see a black plug just above where the header enters the engine. Is that the decompression plug? If so it is there as well.

yes you can rule out the missing plug theory

I still think you should let it burn to the ground.

The decompression plug has a seal that could go bad. But, it seems like your leak is moving around on you. I wonder if your crankcase vent is open, its possible that its kinked or restricted causing the pressure to build up and blow oil out of the different seals. The crankcase vent is a long black hose that comes from the valve cover and goes all the way down by the shifter and ends.

If the oil is black, it's leftover smooge that's still in the engine from when you overfilled. It will burn off. If it's clean oil, it's a leak; find it and fix it.

Its clean oil and I its leaking where the header goes into the engine. Should I start with replacing the seal or do you think it something worse than a seal?

My take on this is that if it's coming from the front of the engine close to where the head pipe comes out of the engine, then I would be checking on the valve cover seal first. Is it possible that the decomp plug is leaking? Sometimes it's hard to see where the leak starts from because of the way the oil spreads. Clean the area really well so that it's oil-free, let it set overnight and check for oil. If none found, start it and then see if there's any oil after it's been run.

Ditto on checking the breather tube for obstructions. Something sounds overpressured or blown (duh, huh?).... Let us know when you find it.

Can you post some pictures??? If it is leaking from the plug seal then you should be able to see it running down the head from that seal. Could it be that your valve cover seal is not seated properly??

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