Piston and Ring change???

i've done 17 hours now on my 05 and was going to change the ring and leave the piston even though the manual states they should both be changed after 12 hours, but was unsure if its still to soon? when do you guys change them?

Far out I know of people who have done 40-60 hours on the original piston and rings, Could you just do a compression test that will tell ya how worn it is.

I have done 60hrs on mine and everything is still in spec. Best way is when you first buy your bike or do a piston and ring change is to write down how much compression it has, so you can monitor it to see if its dropping.

You can also take off the header pipe and see if there is any blow by past the rings etc

Failing that you can take off the whole barrel and inspect everything.

Putting a new piston has got to be good for it, but 12hrs seems a bit too soon, its not like its a RM125. Maybe you ride on the limiter all day, but they should still take a beating.

ok guys, i know by feel that the compression is still as good as it was, so i'll leave it a while longer and spend the money on a compression tester instead. Also the header pipe is coming off anyway so i'll take a quick look.

Thanks for the help!

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