CRF 80 upgrades

How do you know they are a million times better? have you done back to back runs on a dyno to compare them on the same bike. Where are you getting your comparisons from.

I ride at my local Pitt bike track almost every week. My cousin and I both have 2003 xr100's. He bought the FMF because he was a little short on cash and I saved up to get the PC. To do a "back to back" comparison we both rode five laps each on the track on a bike and then switched. The FMF pipe gave the bike the deep tone but made hardly any difference in power as we (neither of us) could clear the 10-15 foot (I'm not exactly sure) double. However, with the PC we were flyin' right over it with no problem. I don't care what a dyno says, it's actually riding the bike and feeling the power at the track that counts.

I'm not trying to start a war or get on anyone's bad side here, I'm just conveying my experience so that somebody else doesn't get in the same situation my cousin did.

Wait until it starts burning thru your number plate!! I have the same white bros. pipe on my son's 01 80.Last night I installed a stage one hot cam,and by far it's the best performance upgrade that I have done to the bike!!(it even sounds louder) It really made the little engine come to life!! It's very easy to install,and I think it took me about two hours at the most!! We started with a k/n air filter-one clip position down on the needle-two main jets larger-I drilled out the pilot jet two wire sizes larger-white bros. pipe(removed the screen in the end) and then installed the hot cam.My son has just turned 9, and is really starting to fly! I watched him on the track in our back yard today and you can really tell what a diffrence the cam made!!

ya my friend has a crf 80 and he needs some new parts

Wait until it starts burning thru your number plate!!

Geez, I've never heard of that happening. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Smart Ass!!!!!!!

nice man i gotta try that cam upgrade...and wow it gets that hot to burn thru the platics :thumbsup:

Yea ,right were your pipe rubs on the back side of your number plate,I'm going to weld a little bracket to give it an air gap and make some more brackets to put the original heat shield from the stock pipe back on,My son's pants are starting to melt from rubbing the pipe!!

hey if u get the 80 runnin well let me know casue i have the same bike and i am tryin the same thing!!!!

yea i have a crf 80 and i got a FMF pipe and i really dont like it

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