Anyone know some history about Stroker? I've heard it was a company started by Larry Roesler (multi-Baja Champion) to develop aftermarket speed parts for the YZ400 and other 4-stroke bikes. I know it's no longer in business, but I was wondering if anyone has any personal history with them.

I'm one of the reasons Larry Roesler has enough money to race off road trucks and stuff. I built 3 different sized Stroker KLXs, started with the 250 KLX, went to 307 then 340 and finally a 365. Great bikes, had lots of fun but by todays 250F standards they were pretty heavy and I think the 365 had only a little more power than a 250F.

The guy I bought my 1998 YZ400F from told me that the original titled owner was Larry Roesler, and that it was originally used as a prototype for Stroker. With all the success that Doug Henry had, I guess they figured they could capitalize on it. It had Stroker stickers all over it, and he gave me the Stroker exhaust system that was on it when he bought it. He replaced it with a DSP Titatmium system because the welds kept breaking.

I was just wondering if you had any information about the company, and maybe how might verify what I was told.


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