XR650L exhaust help

I put a FMF on mine. Keep in mind you are not going to much much more power out of that motor unless you bore it. Still it's a fun DS bike.

I wouldn't recommend FMF headers to anyone. They SUCK. I bought 2 sets of them and they both leaked right out of the box.:)

I sent them back over 2 months ago and STILL haven't gotten my money back. Stupid :smirk:-heads!!!

If they were the only company left that made any aftermarket OR even OEM parts for my bike, I'd either find a way to make whatever it is myself (like I did my headers) or I'd just ride the bike as long as I could then junk it out.

HEY!!! FMF Racing!!!! :ride: :ride: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :D

I'm happy with my XRs only header and tail section. Stainless and over built in my opinion.

I guess imma buy an WB E2 exhaust then. What about an AKRAPOVIC pipe are they good for an HondaXr650l. I heard they make that pipe for the

Honda Xr650R not the "L"

My bro just put the FMF q4 in and there seems to be some power gain but minimal.. He also went K&N and rejeted but not sure what size... Im going to replace the Header back any advice will be apreciated thanks EZD

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