I have a question about valves and a question about the choke plunger

Well first off, I thought my bike was running okay but after riding my friends bike I am starting to have second thoughts. First off, let me give you some background information about this guy. He does not know how to adjust his chain. He does not know how to install an aftermarket fuel screw. He has not changed his oil filter or his oil since he got his bike. (he got it new for christmas) He has not changed the oil filter either. Well, he brought his bike over today so that I could help him adjust his chain. (it is an '04 YZ450F) I havent ridden his bike yet, so I started it up and it started first kick without even trying. He said he had started it up before he came there, but still it had to have been at least 40 minutes after he had last started. He has not had the valves adjusted since break in either. It was also running way lean as well. But it started so much easier than my bike, and I have been keeping the fuel screw adjust and everything. So, do you think I need to adjust my valves? Also, since I went through too much water (could not really tell how deep it was) my choke plunger will not stay out. I have to hold and twist it to get it to stay out, and then once I kick it once, it goes back in on its own. So, do I need to adjust my valves? Do I have to open up my carburator and clean the choke plunger? Sorry for such a long post, I was just trying to include all the information.

You say he got it "new", as in an unused hold over? In that case, it's probably two years away from needing a valve adjustment (my '03 still hasn't). As to whether yours does, you won't know 'til you check. Better get him to get on the other services, though; they aren't indestructible.

You could try removing and cleaning the choke assembly. There's a little spring ring that holds the choke out. It could be dirty or it could be worn out.

yeah it is a hold over, and I guess I will have to check my valves or get them done.

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