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More Than Air & Tubes !!

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Its dark outside, raining and cold. I'm lying on the garage floor trying to figure out how to get the front wheel off for a greasing session (novice mechanic at work). I hear a weird rattling sound. The hair on the back of my neck stands up. Continued working and again..... again a strange unidentifiable sound. What the F&&&??? Continued working and there was that noise again. Sheeeiiittt. Things are getting weird.

I could not figure out what the noise was until.... I noticed that it only happened when I was turning the front wheel....

I havent checked yet as I dont have tire irons, but my guess is that there is major amount of dirt INSIDE the tire which moves around when the wheel when its rotating slowly - hence the noise which scared the s h i t out of me at first.

It also fits with the bouncing sensation from the front wheel when riding tarmac at high speed - I guess the centrifugal force jams the dirt in one part of the tire causing a weight imbalance which makes the front end 'bounce' slightly.

How it gets in there in the first place is a mystery.

Anyone else had this problem ???

The (Not s h i t scared any more) Missile


The Missile

'99 WR400F

Airbox Lid - gone

Throttle Stop - shorty!

Plastics/Tank/Seat - One Industries

Street Legal

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