XR650L How soon for mods?

My neighbor just purchased a brand new 2006 650L, and we would like to know when or how long to wait mileage wise before doing any jetting or exhaust changes? Nothing is sweeter than having another BRP next door. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Yesterday wouldn't be to soon, I put mine on the lift and did the carb, smog, and snorkel removal, add UNI, with 1.3miles on the clock. It is worth it. Haven't stopped yet.

Good question :thumbsup:

What you need to ask your neighbor first is if he's worried about warranty and did he purchase an extended warranty. Because any modifications can void such warranty. If he's ok with simple jetting changes and smog removal to get it running correctly, then go with some simple mods to perk it up.

I just purchased an 06' "L" model myself and have no intention of having the dealer doing service work. It had 2 mi. on it when I picked it up. I rode it around town and to work a few times and decided something had to be done quick. Hell...I had an old 73' Bultaco that good out run this thing.

The first modification was to get it running right. I removed the smog equipment (10 lbs.), removed the air box snorkel, Removed the body work air panels, removed the passenger pegs and the sissy passenger grab leatherette, Uni filter, re-jetted the carb, (55 pilot-162 main-shimmed needle-Dyno-Jet spring) maintaining the stock exhaust. With those settings at 300' above sea level transformed the motor into a first and second gear front wheel off the ground acceleration. :thumbsup: An aftermarket exhaust with a 96 Db silencer is on the way and I expect to adjust for that. I ditched the stock hand guards for Acerbis as well as an Acerbis tail light-license plate holder. Removed the mirrors in favor of fold down Acerbis units as well. Fresh dunlop real knobbies for grip installed tonight. So far the bike is running very clean and strong through out the power band. It was so bad when I rode it home I almost took it back thinking this can't be right....when it warmed up it ran ok but terribly anemic. The stock tank will be replaced by a Clark or an IMS...haven't decide which brand yet.

All this with now only 40 mi. on the clock. So no time like the present to personalize his new friend. The break in period will happen in it's finer moments while changing gears and on and off throttle moments are happening while having fun in the dirt.

When I get to the suspension stage, that will be another story, most likely going with WP or Ohlins forks and a shock replacement.

I also plan on a diet program remaking parts and hardware from Ti and Al.

good luck and have fun...it only takes careful planning and a little $$$

Go with the clark tank.

i did mine right away too...30 miles on her and i couldnt take it anymore...let it breath!!!!! LOL

I changed mine the first day, that was 10 years ago, never had a warranty issue, put first piston in it last summer, 9 years from date of purchase and mod :-)

Thanks for the info guys, the mods will start shortly :thumbsup:

The sooner the better. Only thing is they're hard to stop once you start...:thumbsup:

The sooner the better. Only thing is they're hard to stop once you start...:thumbsup:

This is very true,but it's fun.

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