Newbie - 06 WR450

I am a newbie to the site, just bought a new 06 WR450. Luckily the dealer's mechanic did all of the Free Mods to the bike when he built it for the showroom floor and was street legal ready ( He owns same bike ).

I ordered a ProCircuit T-4 yesterday, any feedback on this pipe?

Overall I love this new bike, almost broken in and am hoping to change the oil, re-jet the carb, and install the new pipe Monday. The only thing I do not like so far is cornering on the bike feels very sloppy, would a different front tire help this?

Thanks in advance for any guidance, tips, tricks, etc. :thumbsup:

Yes a different tire will help, but before you do that try running 12 pounds in front, raise your forks in the triple clamps 3/8 of an inch. After that, set your sag. This should help out.

The stock tyres are crap. They turn people off Dunlop, which is a shame.

I run anything between 12 - 15 psi pressures, you can feel the difference between the two. New dunlop 952's front and back made the world of difference, just get tyre's designed for what you ride in. There is many great ones to choose from.

You should set your sag first, but this will change as the springs bed in. The suspension will get softer and plusher over a little time. You will be happy with the results of correct suspension set up.

Slide the forks up the clamps for quicker turning response.

The procircuit T-4 is great for power, the noise is just like every other MX pipe.

You will be happy with the pipe, they are great quality too.

I had the first service done on the bike, carb re-jetted, pipe installed, airbox mod, :thumbsup: This is a whole new bike, the power feels almost double of what is was before - I now love this bike :bonk:

The mechanic owns and races the same bike as mine, so he spent an extra hour or so at no charge setting up my suspension, etc. as we are roughly the same height and weight. Very happy to say the least. :thumbsup:

Great to hear! :thumbsup:

Changed your tires yet? We got the Dunlop 907's here, they suck bigtime.

With all that power now, it won't take long to burn out the stocker anyway!

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