426 Running Lean

Guys, I thought you might want to know that I cured my Lean problem on my 426. I bought a cylmer manual and checked the carb. The accelerator pump and spring were in backwards(not my fault) causing it to lean out. That explains why my jetts were so high (52 and 178). Anyway, just a bit of :thumbsup: information for you guys.

Nice work! :thumbsup:

Where are you in SC and where do you ride?

I live in Myrtle Beach now, I moved from lake wateree. I used to ride up there, brown mountain, sumter, swansea, pelion, and anywhere else tight. How about you?

I've only ridden on some private land here in SC. Went to visit family last weekend in WV and took the bike. Good riding!

I'm looking for some good places to ride in SC though.

I live in Barnwell, not far from Aiken.

You should come and ride in the Pelion Enduro on March 5th.

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