Just got a 2005 WR450, need AIS info...

I just got a used 2005 WR450. The bike has a FMF Factory 4 slip on exhaust and has the popping on decel. Other than that it runs good.

My question is how do I know if I already have an AIS removal kit installed?

the bike was traded in at a dealer that does not carry Yamaha, so they do not know. Anyone have a before and after pic of the AIS removal kit?


If you got the factory service manual with the bike, take a look at page 5-17...this is the Air Induction System (AIS). If all this plumbing is still on your bike, review the sticky at the top of this forum for details on how to remove it, the Yamaha part number for the AIS removal kit, or the TT removal kit, tips on re-jetting, what everyone calls the free mods, etc...

If you don't have the factory Owner's Service Manual (P/N LIT-11626-18-49) for this bike, get it - it is very good, and you will need it...trust me on this. This is a great bike, but it does require some regular maintenance - it's not difficult by any means if you have the manual. :thumbsup:

I can almost guarantee the AIS is still on the bike. I have an '06 with the same pipe and same problem. Unfortunately the removal kit is on backorder from the TT store. I should have it next week, & hopefully no more annoying back fire

You can remove the AIS without the factory kit. My bike is an '06.

After removing all the junk, thread the steel hose fitting at the exhaust head pipe with an 1/8" pipe tape. Then tread a shoulderless pipe plug in. I use some red loctite as I know I will never reinstall the AIS. Us a vacum plug on the other end and air box. Good luck.


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