Anyone using new SIDI boots?

I'm in the market for new boots. I really really need new ones, and am seriously considering the new SIDI "Flex Force". I have always used Alpinestars, and like them a lot, but these look like a bitchen design. Has anyone tried these? What do you think?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Ron, long time no talk. I don't have the new SIDI's but I've owned 3 pairs in the past and have never been disappointed. Good quality, comfortable, and definately lasted long enough to say I got my use out of them.


Me and a friend went up to the trail on 138 we rode on this past Sunday. We got there and a ranger told us there was a ralley (sp?) going on with 200+ riders between the Pinicals and Deep Creek. Luckily we hadn't even unloaded our bikes. So we went back and parked on the side of 15 at the exit just south of 138 and rode from there to the lake and back which was fun but not as good as the deep creek trails. Got done with that around noon, headed south, had lunch, then rode at Elsinore from about 3:00-6:30. A GREAT day of riding!!!!! Desert season's coming up fast!! You have to make it out to Ocotillo Wells with us sometime!! I think you'll like it there.



"What's that?"

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I'm really happy with my "flex force" boots. They've held up well this entire year. I didn't want them too stiff, so got the traditional soles. I was told the replacable soles were very stiff. In retrospect, I might have gotten them. The boot hasn't broken down much at all and fit MY foot well from day one.

Cheers, Mojo

I use these boots, as well as the armored

Sidi Vertebrae for road racing and the

cheap waterproof Sidi's for road riding.

This is my first dirt boot, but I can

say I've broken off some pretty good

branches with my feet and walked home.

Not very flexible, though, despite the

name. Similar to a mountaineering "flex"


And all Sidi plastic plated boots squeak.

You get used to it.


squeak, squeak, squeak...

The squeak won't bother me much so I'm gonna give 'em a try after I give the sole thing some thought.

Thanks for the info guys!

These will be my next boot also. SIDI is excellent quality.

I've been doing more research on these boots and have come to the conclusion that the non-replaceable sole model is best for me.

For those interested, here are some links that I found helpful:

Dirtrider Tests

MotoEdge Review

MotoWorld Review

Where's my credit card…

In my pocket, sorry about the bill you'll be getting!!



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"


HEHE!!! :)



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

I soon will be. My current boots (14 years old!) are parked near the front door and the grass n mud crammed into the space between the upper and the separated sole keep glaring at me!

I killed my Tech 5s and my feet last month. I bought Sidi Flex Force SRS boots Saturday.

The decision was easy after asking opinions, reading tests(thanks Ron)and trying them on.

For me, the Sidi is the easiest to get on and off. The sole of the SRS model is VERY stiff. This is also good for me. When I do something stupid(jump an XR650R 16ft high, 50-60ft in distance and land in the flats) :) I won't kill my feet. The non SRS sole is not as stiff. The Sidi ankle area is hinged so there is no break in required. The SRS sole has no overhang, rocks etc. will scar the toe area. The toe area is lower than Tech8s so I don't have the shifting trouble my friends with Tech8s do.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the info. Where did you end up purchasing these things? I have had a hard time finding them here locally, so I'm thinking about buying on-line. I would prefer to try them on first if possible.

How about keeping that XR650 a little closer to the ground? It's easier on the feet, not to mention everything else.


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I drove out to Chapparal to get them. I called everyone from LA to San Clemente. I could not find anyone who carried Sidi. :D I wasn't comfortable ordering online because I didn't know how their sizes run. Good call for me. My Tech5s are 10. My Sidis are 11. Same was true of Tech8s. BTW, I called them first to check stock, they said no problem. Wouldn't ya know it, they didn't have what I asked for when I got there. :) So I have Black/Red instead of all black.

As for keeping the XR closer to the ground, I've got to remember the law of inertia. How's it go..... weight(XR) in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force (brakes). Yea, it's coming back to me now.

See ya,



I HATE Chapparal. Nope, won't spend a dime there. Nooooo way.

I guess it's time to test the on-line thing's return policy if they don't fit right. Oh well, it's only shipping charges. Now if I could only get me credit card back from Khris…

Thanks again for the info.


N 33'41.156" W117'59.749"

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had an old pair of sidi's...all first boots (got them cheap.) liked them so much i finally broke down and got some new boots...tae flex 2 boots srs... love them... they tend to rub holes in the back of my socks, but other than that and the squeak, i love them!!! awesome support!!!


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