Yz 523f

Has anybody tried Max Powers 523 Ice cube and stroked crank kit? I wonder how the power compares to KTMs 525?

DUDE i cant even begin to imagine how HARD my bike would pull with that kit on it, but along with that kit comes serious jetting issues, and porting issues, over sized valves etc etc. that i would not want to tackle without a dyno either to tune it. 70 more cc's and more compression would just be Sickening . id have to go down to a 40 tooth rear sprocket to keep the front end from looping out . LOL

I was thinking about the 469cc stealth kit for a while. $550 bucks sounds a lot more appealing than $2500 bucks for the ice cube kit with the stroker crank.

You don't need oversized valves...but you should port it. Rick offers & recommends a porting package along with the kit. As for jetting...since when do you need a dyno to jet a bike.

If you are interested in a big bore stroker kit, try some of the Dirttrack sites. Current rule changes have downsized the class limit from 505cc to 450cc. Alot of used 500cc kits out there sitting on the shelf! Tdub

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