06 YZ250F v YZ450F

I love my 04 YZ250F! Considering an upgrade. I ride exclusively at a tight, hard pack mx track here in HI. Sometimes almost a mini supercross... I'm 40, 6'2", 165lbs and a vet intermediate. Athletic but don't always race. I never considered a 450 until I read some reviews here. I rode one of the YZ426s before I was back into it and it scared the crap out of me. I'm looking to be as smooth as possible and stay out of the ER. I want to be in control versus having sheer power. Actually on the pipe with my 250, though. Mahalo!

P.S. I posted to YZ250F site too. Is this a no no for the newbie?

heres what I've noticed, the 250f you can ride all day long and not get the crap kicked outta ya by the throttle. my 450 beats up on me a fair bit and I'm 6' 190lbs. I got on my buddies 250f and was amazed at how easy it was to control and I was actually making faster more consisent lap times on his bike. I think this was do to the type of track and the fact I wasn't getting tired from hanging on. but with that said I wouldn't go down to a 250f. if your looking for an easy to ride bike stay with that 250f plus you can always do some upgrade to get more power out of it, I raced another friends 250f with lots done to it and it takes me in a drag race. So you have to weigh your options.

I'm 36 yrs old, 150 lbs and was a Vet intermediate last year. I rode an '05 yz250f against mostly bigger bikes and won the state title. I got bumped up to Vet pro and had a harder time competing on the smaller bike so now I have a 450. If I were you I would stay with the 250f. On the track type you're talking about, you could very likely turn faster laps on the smaller bike. A 450 would start to feel like a full-time job.

If you're talking about riding at Campbell's then, I'd suggest getting a 450 for Kahuku, cause they're shutting down Campbell's. No more arenacross riding! You're gonna need all the hp's you can get! Plus I heard the new '06 450 is awesome.

RAMARION has both. PM him.

I heard that the 06 450 feels lighter and handles better than the 250 since they did so much more work on it. Is that true?

I've got both 06's, and I would have to say that the 450 is the way to go, It doesn't beat you up or vibrate nearly as bad as the older yammie big bores, and the power is very smooth and linear. The 250 is fun dont get me wrong, but there's really nothing to make it outshine the 450 in my opinion, because the 450 feels just as light and flickable, and has more usable power.

I bought and own them both. I'm not as impressed with the 2006 YZ 250F (Stock) as I was with the 2002 250F.

The 450 is my main Race bike. This bike is equivlent to my 2002 250F for weight and turning and the motor is equal to my 99 400. It is the BEST Stock Bike available. All 2006 bikes with kick azz, after some $$$$ spent on them. The 2006 450F, is race and or ride ready STOCK !!!!

If I could only own one bike.....this 06 YZ450F is the ONE!!!!!!!!

Only race with the 2006 250F, without falling I came in last in both motos, I race Vet Intermediate.

First Race on the 2006 450F, 2-1 = 1st overal............

The race results don't mean crap.............

but the 450 is rideable STOCK and the 250f will take some $$$ to get it properly setup for me.....(which I have not done and or rode, since the 450 purchase)

I'm 5'10" & 216#

For me the 250F does push/front end skecthy feeling, the motor is still SWEET, just the Susp needs to be dialed in for me??????????????? :thumbsup:

the power of this 450 is SMOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no hit, very 250F power feeling down low and will RIP on top if your balls are BIG enough

Actually I'm here on Maui. Wish it were Kahuku.

The new 06 450 is a really nice bike. Probably best all around bike of the 2.

But if you want the bike that handles better, has less weight, then the 250F is what you want. I have the 250f and started to up the HP in it. Figure get somewhere inbetween the 2 in HP, but still have less weight and better handling.

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