2004 WR450 3.2 gal. tank problems

I own a 2004 WR450 and need the bigger fuel tank for long rides down Baja.

I have looked at IMS, Acerbis, Zipty, and Clark. I get different answers from shops and manufactureers. When I put the bigger tank on I know I need YZ450 radiator shrouds. Do I need a YZ seat also? I have been told yes by IMS, but No from a couple local shops that sell the stuff. They say the WR seat is too wide and doesn't work. I really dont want to purchase a tank and shrouds then lead into a bunch more costs (seat is $150 from Yamaha).

Anybody out there running the Acerbis on 2004 WR450? or an IMS on 2004?

How did they fit? What do you recommend?

Do a search. This has just recently been discussed at length.

I did a search! Extensive search. Nobody talked about the seat fitting. Alot of the bikes were not 2004 either.

Alot of the bikes were not 2004 either.

'03-'06 WR's use same aftermarket tank. The '03 and '04 bikes just have to use the YZ shrouds. :thumbsup:

I have an '04 WR w/ the Acerbis, YZ shrouds, and original WR seat. You should be good to go.


I have the Acerbis with YZ shrouds, great fit, the tank has 2 holes for the seat lock, it's even written on the tank for whatever model you want to use it, 2 petcocks, can't beat it!!

The WR seat will fit with the acerbis, not sure about the IMS...

Thanks, I ordered up an Acerbis! I really appreciate the feedback!

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