Zip-ty air screw '06 "Help"???

The Stock air adj. screw seems to have a cap/plug over it with a small hole to reach the screw in side with a small flat blade screw driver. I bought the new screw and it say to "consult your mechanic" if unsure what to do.

Ok, can anyone help tell me the best way to get the cap off? It does not come out when the screw is backed out, nor easy to pry off/out from the hole. Thanks. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

My 03 WR 450 didn't have that cap. BUt, if you do a search here, I recall posts about prying that sucker out.

And, I think it's called a fuel screw on a 4 stroke, air screw on a 2 stroke. So, that might help your search.

Thank's, I did not want to do something I would be sorry for later.

If you fid out let me know. I have an 05 and I have the same problem.


Turn the carb or pull it off completely so you have access to the cap. Screw a small machine screw into the little hole and use it for leverage to wiggle the thing out. The cap is on there to comply with CARB smog requirements, nothing more. BTW, 2-strokes have air screws, 4-strokes have fuel screws :thumbsup:..SC

Pull off the bottom of your carb and tap it out with small screwdriver.

Thanks, I will do it this weekend.


Done... big deal, It's just a aluminum plug. With a little light pry from the inside of the hole with a pick tool (small needle nose worked for me) on one side, then the other , back and forth, it will release then one side will pop up/out. Grab with needle nose and remove. Thanks for the help. I was just slightly paranoid since I have not had a chance to ride it yet until today.

*** It fired right up!*** :thumbsup::bonk::bonk::thumbsup:


JD Kit-

168 mj

Red #4

Zip-ty screw

Rear Caliper guard

Front Disc guard

Skid Plate,(on back order)

Frame guards

Hand guards

PMB, (due Monday)

Magnet on drain plug



Air Box cut outs

Gray wire

Exhaust insert

Ais, (on TT back order)

1" off each handle bar end

Wish list:

48 pj

40 lj

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