Need pics of tank graphics on Clarke 4.0 for 650L

I know several people have the 4.0 Clarke on their L. I will be putting a red one on my 2001. I'd like to put some graphics on it though and would like to see some examples of what others have done, and where they got the graphics.

Thanks for any help.

Search threads by "justicedone" and look in his garage........his graffix look and work well. :thumbsup:

Does anyone make them in the OEM style?

I think XRs only has a kit for the 650L.

ive got a graphics.

Thanks Giant for the compliment !

I use a XR600 set of grafx, they fit fine with very minimal trimming, just search Ebay for a set. I reccomend getting the kind with the holes, since they wont come lose or bubble, had mine on for as long time now and they are holding up perfectly through dirt, rain, mud crashes etc.

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