Woods setup on 06?

Well I bought new taller bars for MX since thats what I mostly do and I run no handguards on them.I was thinking since I have basically 2 brand new sets of protapers I could make one a woods setup so when I race HS I can just swap the bars out.So I have a few questions.I want to get some 10mm bar mounts to raise my low ProTapers.Who makes a decent set that will not twist everytime I crash?Also I am going to get the Cycra Probend handguards.Should I get the normal metal ones or should I get the new composite ones and why?

What kind of composite? If it's a resin or polymer that will deform under immense pressure I'd go with the lighter of the two(metal or composite). If it's a carbon fibre based composite I'd go with the metal. CF is wacky strong, but when it lets go....it literally explodes. Shatter is not strong enough a word for what happens to epoxy/cf laminates when thier envelope is exceeded. It would leave a wad of sharp prongs and other nasties I would not want my hand near.

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