Trouble removing bolt on flywheel

I'm trying to remove rotor so I can replace my timing chain. I have an E-line ignition on my 426. I'm using an impact driver but the nut will not loosen. Is it reverse thread?

No, it's a right hand thread. If you don't have a flywheel holder or an air impact wrench, put the bike in 4th or 5th gear and put a 1x2 board or a hammer handle across the swing arm, as close to the rim as possible, then remove the nut with a socket and a long ratchet or driver. Check the torque in your manual, I believe it's something like 40 ft pounds.

You have a flywheel puller, right?

The engine is off the bike and I dont have an air impact driver or fly wheel puller. How much is a flywheel puller? And I guess I will have to find an air impact driver. Thanks for the help-alex

I have a KX250F and I used an auto oil filter wrench to hold the flywheel while I turned the nut. I wrapped duct tape around the flywheel so I wouldn't scratch it. I did buy a flywheel puller, it's about the only way to safely get the flywheel off the crankshaft.

The puller cost about $20.00.

Just don't be stupid like me and use a impact wrench to tighten the flywheel nut and mess up the threads.But I was able to fix them with a tap and die set.

Flywheel pullers are about $10-$15 almost everywhere.

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