Clarke tanks are not good fitting replicas

you may try an IMS tank ... mine is 'perfect', however, there have been a couple in here that should never had been shipped, they were so flawed ... so few companies take any pride in their work anymore (like my piece of crap CORBIN seat, and yes, they were given their opportunities to make it right, still poorly fit and finish) :thumbsup:

Sorry for your prblems but I have had extremely good luck with my Clarke tanks on both 650R and 650L...did a 1,400 mile trip to Copper Canyon Mexico and back and had zero problems when other's IMS tanks wer falling apart. I will buy them again . Sorry for your bad unit.


Sorry for the hassle. My 4.1 Clarke tank fit great and looks good on my 650L.

are you just putting on a stock tank with stock capacity?

My Clarke 4.0 fits and works great on my 650L. I believe they are the same tank. I cound't be more happy with it.

Come to think of it I don't really recall seeing any other bad posts regarding the Clarke. I've seen plenty of upset people with their IMS tanks, but none for the Clarke. That's why I chose it.

Clarke four gallon fit perfect on my 04 650L. Not one single problem. I've heard they're very responsive to problems (if you do have them) too.

are you just putting on a stock tank with stock capacity?

Yes, stock tank, stock capacity, not the 4 gallon model. They molded these units off the OEM Honda, but the plastic shrinks once out of the mold. Sadly, it does not swell once gas is used, and remains too small to properly fit the bike.

IMS FRIGGIN' RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

Ive got a 4 on my 650L and she fits like a dream.

Bullchit! I put a 4.7 on mine and it fit PERFECTLY. The only problem I had was the pickup tube for the petcock didn't fit in the hole on the bottom of the tank. I had to drill the plastic out a bit more to get the tube to fit BFD.

Where else you gonna find a 4.7 Gal tank for $150???

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