corrosion on fork tube

hi, i have a 2004 yz450f, 50 hours on the bike, light duty mx, fast trail riding,no sand. i removed the suspension and took it to devol engineering to have the oils changed etc.... i noticed on the right side fork tube from about halfway down some corrosion on the chrome, starts off lightly up high and towards the bottom gets heavy. the cast alum axle carrier has some corrosion also. the suspension shop is going to polish the tube and im going to run it, if the seal starts to leak ill replace the tube. does anyone have a right side fork tube available? has anyone else experienced this problem?

thanks in advance for all the replies. :thumbsup:

That's odd.. is the bike stored inside or outside, and is it very humid where the bike is stored?

always stored inside, always washed and dried, im confused. :thumbsup:

Do you use any chemicals when you wash it? If so list them here. If other people use the same chemicals but don't have problems then you can at least cross that off of the likely cause list.

simple green and car wash soap. i am the second owner,although previous owner only put 5 hours on bike he still my have used a acid type wash on the bike.

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