RTT steering stabilizer

I understand alot of people use the Scotts steering stabilizer. Any feedback on the RTT brand stabilizer? My local shop raves about them, but I've never seen a bike with one on. Any feedback appreciated since it is a $500-$600 investment

The RTT seemed a bit doughy to me.

I got a WER one, only because it cost me a carton of beer and $50. It works good,

but the scotts/ohlins seems to be the benchmark for sure.

I like the looks of the GBR v2 and v3 dampener, but never seen one.

I just bought the RTT with the FIT handguard system and the construction is top notch. I haven't tried it yet so I can't tell you how well it works yet but I'll post again after I've had a few rides on it. It comes anodized KTM orange if you like and the folks at RTT are great to deal with.

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