Getting around the red sticker

I just got a 2000 WR400 and was wondering what is the easiest way arount the red sticker? Ive read about the street legal process and going outta state but all I want is a green sticker for my bike. My red sticker is good till 2003 and I have not transferred the bike into my name yet, should I try that outta state or something please help.Thanks

Post your email address and I'll tell you what I did.

Hi dude.

I too have a '00 WR here in SoCal. The red sticker "law" (ha ha) has not been enforced, i.e. you can ride all you want on green sticker trails.

In my opinion, the easiest way to get around the red sticker issue is to not register your bike. Can you tell that I'm a trouble maker? I have not registered a bike in this state for over a decade and have NEVER had a problem. I also refuse to buy a Forest Adventure Pass and have a collection of "Notice of Non-Compliance" slips to prove it. Heck, I choose not to comply.

Why do I have such an attitude? Good question. Have you ever noticed what the state does with your registration monies? They put up signs that say No Dirtbikes. They erect dangerous wire fences on well established trails in the middle of the desert. They close the land to you and me. No thanks. I'll give my money to the Blue Ribbon bunch or the AMA before I'll give it to the state to shut me down. I know this is an unpopular thing to do, but I, for one, have had it with this state and how they treat this sport.

Okay, I'm done ranting now.

Sounds like an option but what are the penalties for not registering your bike or riding on green sticker trails without a red sticker.

Good question. I don't know.


Ahhhh.... one of my favorite topics.

While I have researched this topic, I'm not sure where you can go with this. The bike is already a RED 'eh..... I don't have any advice for you at this point. The outta state route could be the answer. You could be the guinea pig for us and try to plate your bike outta state, bring it back as a street bike and get street plates.

As far as I know, street plates are allowed anywhere the green stickers can go, plus on-road.

Let us know what works.

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I know this thread's a bit old, but here goes anyway.

You CAN do the out of state thing easily. All it takes is a walk into the local Yamaha shop here in Reno & ask for a Non-Resident CA Green sticker. It's 20 bucks & it's yours. No registering, no Vin checks, no hassels. Heck, if you know someone, you could always have them mail you one.

I had a non resident green sticker once...the rangers at gorman gave me a ticket for it...

My advice would be sell the bike and get a WR from Canada.

According to DMV, a vehicle needs to be either registered, or filed as a "non-operational" vehicle. "Non-op" certificate is $10 per year, and cannot be purchased after the fact. The only exception to this is a vehicle that has been "stored out of state" (you didn't hear this from me). If you "store" it here, you may be liable for all back registration and penalties for each year it was not filed as one of the above. If you receive a citation for non-registration, you can't claim it was "stored" out of state. They are very busy closing all the loopholes because they want the money. Citations and financial penalties are their method of forcing compliance.

Ron, I hear you, brother! I just don't have quite the brass that you have.


PS: I also have the '00WR and have a red sticker. I have not been challenged yet, but I hear they will begin enforcement this summer....allegedly. I am considering out of state also, but have not researched.

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