Wanted Large gas tank.

I want to find a really big gas tank, I have looked at the 5 and 6 gallon tanks and am wondering if anyone has tried either one and how well they work. What about performance? Weight an issue, and are there any tanks BIGGER? If so what are the web sites? :thumbsup: I actually want to ride for longer distances and not have to worry about the next gas station. :thumbsup: Thanks.

IMS and clark I would go with the clark. Maybe some fit iss. the larger yoe go. Clark seems to be the better quality and fit. Try doing a search .

I have done several searches on T.T. and elsewhere, and the 6 is the biggest that I have found. I was hoping that someone else had found one that was bigger or a different design. :thumbsup: I thought that "If you want the best information on anything XR650L, why not go to the best web site with with the most helpful people on the web?" :thumbsup:

The Acerbis 6-gallon hugs the frame too tight and the oil cannot cool. You will burn oil if you get this tank and you race the bike in the desert. If you install an XR400R oil cooler though, you'd solve that problem.

6 gallons at 50mpg goes a looooong way. 300 miles nonstop. 50mpg is really the minimum I can expect from my 650L. The tank is good in that respect. My 650L porks out at about 370 lbs with a full tank of gas.

Here's a repost of my '95 650L with the ugly Acrebis 6.0 gallon tank.

The image takes up too much screen, so there in the link:


Thank you, I have been looking at that oil cooler, I also have been try'n to figure out how to mount a V-Strom oil cooler on the "L" with out to many mods. larger area = more cooling. :thumbsup:

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