600R motard gearing

I have been playing around with gearing after putting some 17's on my 94 600R, so I thought I would put the information out there for others that might be headed down the same road. Feel free to add your own experiences/opinions. One of the considerations that I used when making gearing choices was not having to change the stock chain length. Obviously adding or removing links would give you some additional options, but I wanted to keep things fairly simple.

14/48 (3.43) This is the stock gearing and was way too short for the riding that I do (city and twisties with some short freeway blasts). The thing wheelied by just cracking the throttle from a stop which was fun, but it was out of the powerband too fast.

15/45 (3.00) This was my first mod and although the freeway cruising was much improved, it felt too tall. I did not like having to clutch that much to get going.

14/45 (3.21) This was my next try since it did not require any new sprockets, as well as being about halfway between the two prior setups. This was pretty close to what I wanted, but still felt a little short. This setup also put the wheel pretty far back in the adjustment range. I am not sure if I could have gone any smaller with the sprockets without dropping a link. The other similar setup was 15/48 which is very similar in ratio (3.20) but put the wheel very forward in the adjustment range. I think any larger in sprockets would require adding a link.

15/47 (3.13) This is what I have now and it seems perfect. Just enough top end to not feel like a target on the freeway, but plenty of grunt to get the bike going from a stop or out of tight turns. This setup also puts the wheel close to center in the adjustment range, which is where I like to have it.

Hope this helps!


Supermotard/street use gearing for XR600 (uncorked): 15 X 45

With tuning (628cc HRC kit /640cc or 660cc) : 15 X 42

With the same chain (for the 45 rear),you can ride off-road: 14 x 48

For street use grind the inside of the headers(Gordon mods XR400) or bigger headers and jet the bike right: more top-end.Or do the air box mod with a XR650R carb.Works nice. :thumbsup:

Check oil level frequently! (with the highway/street-use)

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