Sand Paddle

I'm going out to Sand Mountain in a couple of weeks and I need to buy a paddle tire. Since I know nothing about them, I need a little advice. What brand, what size, how many paddles and are there clearance issues I need to worry about? Thank you in advance to the gurus :thumbsup:...SC

Hey Clark4131,

I dont have one but I know someone that swears by his paddle tire and wouldn't leave home without it. He has a 05YZF450. I've sent you a PM. :thumbsup:

Okay, so it looks like since I'm running 13/50 I can go with a 10 blade tire. What about adding links to my chain for clearance? Lastly, what's a good brand/model to go with? Danca...SC

That link doesn't seem to work... Just go to Rocky Mountain & search "paddle"

I've got a bunch of gift cards to the local independent MX shop, so price is not a big deal. I just want to know what brand is a good value...SC

I've been running the Cheng Shin 8 paddle for years & have never had any issues. Go cheap since no paddle tire will ever wear out if you stay on sand. We've ridden in Oregon several times & had to ride through asphalt campgrounds to access the dunes... Still no trouble.

There are some cool looking new treads if you want to spend more.

I just talked to a buddy last night and he said he likes the KT-977, though he's run the Cheng Shin before. I can get them for close to the same price, so I'll probably go with the KT. Now what about clearance/chain length issues?...SC

You mentioned that you are changing you sprockets, so I'm not sure what that will do to your chain length. I just paddled up for a trip to Pismo & had to add a link. I run stock gearing.

Here I go again suggesting "cheap"... I run the cheapest, chain I can find at the beach. If you ride hard, you will stretch the crap out of your chain, so get a "throw away" chain for the sand.

I still have my stock chain on, but I did drop my countershaft down one tooth, so I should have half a link longer already. Maybe that'll be enough. I guess I'll find out when I get the tire...SC

I'm hopefully goin up to Sand Mountain on presidents day. I used to have a cheng shin 8 paddle on my old 95 yz250, but i didnt like it too well. I got an AMS sand snake 10 paddle for the 450 but havent tested it yet. I went down one tooth in the front and back though.

I wouldn't go with a ten paddle myself, you will find yourself floating on the sand too much, I used an 8-paddle on my 450 and hookup is great. I prefer a tire I do not think is available any more, a Scatrak Viper. It has stiffer sidewalls than most the sand paddles out there and also stiffer paddle configuration. I may weigh a little more but hooks up great.

I keep popping tubes so what i was thinking about doing was since those permanent non popable tubes are about 12-15 psi i was going to run a 10blade tire to make up for the slippage.. :thumbsup: but currently im running the kings turbo KT-977 whatever it is paddle and love the damn thing... just hate ripping tubes every weekend..

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