Is 35 old?

At 35, I managed to ride about 5000 miles last summer (thats when the trail tech odo. went south for the last time) I have 32 days of snowboarding in with 3 months left in the season a 20 month old son, wife full time pain in the arss called a job, and a garage full of projects. Is 35 OLD. I don't know. I have aches, pains and slim pocket book so I say we are all still KIDS!!! Get old on your own time, spring is just a few weeks away!!!!!

Spring is already here in the S.F. bay area mid 70's for a week now.

42 and some...slow as ever. at least i can afford more bikes now...

I am a few months shy of 40. I am faster than ever, but not as willing to push the edge as I used to be. The effects of my last few crashes lingered way too long. I can't handle the rag doll dismount anymore. :thumbsup:

I'm 4 months shy of 40 myself, and my last crash was on board my old Suzuki GS 750 w/an 1100 motor, running from the cops in Puerto Rico when I was stationed down there in 01. Got the helicopter ride strapped to the backboard. Not much fun, and my shoulder still hurts after 2 operations.

I wanted a bike that wouldn't go over 100mph, yet still be fun on my ride to work. I think the SM fits the bill nicely.

You are only as old as you feel... :thumbsup:

My first riding buddy turns 63 this month. He still rides his CR500 and he still beats me around the track.

Old in body=Yes!

Old in spirit= Hell No!

Age is Attitude, Not Arteries.

45 and counting....

2005-SMUSA # 1 Adult Mini Class

2004-SMUSA # 1 Lightweight Class

2003-AMA # 1 Eastern Regional Lightweight Class

"They" say 40 is the new 30; I sure as hell hope that is the case 'cause 30 is right around the corner for me.

I know plenty of guys in their mid 30s still living life just like some of in their mid/late 20s.

43 and riding better than I ever have. More relaxed, focused and not so uptight about things. Riding since I was 10. Have road-raced, MX, hare-scramble, and this year will try super-moto. Can't wait.

Old farts! :thumbsup:

(just kiddin')

I am NOT old! :thumbsup:

I'm... EXPERIENCED!!! :thumbsup:

And I've never had more fun riding...


I'll be 48 in april, last August I rode my first supermoto bikes. KTM had a demo day at a small supermoto/large go cart near Jackson Mi. Rode the SMR560 twice and the SMR450 once, only because line waiting to get on that one was longer. They had two of each. What a pressure release from working 6 days a week and raising 3 daughters. I HAD A BALL. I was hoping for a cold winter for good ice for me and my 86 TT600, which I recently lowered, to shred ice. Old? Whats that, just get out and do it.

Headin to 39 and started racing last year after a 15 year lay of and its great, have a teenage daughter and she keeps me young and gives me all the pain I need..................Must be the six months of the year in darkness that keeps our skin nice and fresh over here..................Yer never to old and once you think you are its finished :thumbsup:

i'm turning 20 in about 2 months, but i really don't wanne :thumbsup:

age 18 and 19 were just too much fun

I am 45 years old and going to my first SM track day this Sunday :thumbsup:

42 and still younger than Wardy..

Why do you think I'm riding a Motard instead of a sportbike. It took me to 35 just to be able to afford toys

i'm turning 20 in about 2 months, but i really don't wanne :thumbsup:

age 18 and 19 were just too much fun

I went through a bit of an age crisis when I hit 20 as well. It's like some sort of Rite of Passage. I think it's when we realize that we are supposed to be "grown up" by now.

However after a bit of fretting I decided to just get on with it. I'm 52 now, been track riding and some racing for 4 years and bought my motard last August and I'm looking forward to at least a few more seasons of track riding. Second childhood? HELL NO! I'M STILL WORKING ON MY FIRST ONE! ! ! ! !

I'm 37 and have been riding/racing for 30 years. I love supermoto and motocross, but the aftermath of crashing stays with me longer...But we're expecting our first kid and that will definately keep me feeling young. I can't wait to teach him/her how to ride in a few years. I've already been given the green light to buy the PW50!!

Just turned 45....year two for riding/racing...... :thumbsup:

Thanks guys. I needed that. I just turned 36 and was starting to wonder if I should find a replacement for my 2 wheeled hobbies. Funny thing is, I don't feel 36 at all. I'm just short on free time with 2 small kids. Oh well I guess I'll just focus on riding quality rather than quantity.

Check this out, my dad is 51 and rides a motorcycle. In fact he just got his very first one. It's a crf150 but he likes it, it used to be mine.

Part of being an "older" rider is not trying to be super competitive. Yeah the healing will take a lot longer so it's smart to just keep a little in reserve but still push hard enough to have fun. That way you're in decent shape to pack your own gear up at the end of the day and after a good night's sleep go to work the next day. We aren't supermen like the younger guys know they are after all.

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