Relay arm bolt

I Was just wondering if anyone had advice on removing the bolt that holds on the relay arm in the swingarm. It is the bolt that is exposed when you take off the gray, plastic caps on the swingarm. I have been having no luck removing that bolt. I want to change out the bearings. It seems almost as if the bolt is stripped, but I dont think it is. I was guessing their is some trick to getting it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, D

I think that bolt has a nut on the other side and may be spinning.

They arnt like the YZ bolts without the heads.

Yes. Take both gray plugs out. One on each side and then take the nut off. you dont need to hold the bolt head due to the self locking head shape and hole. Now your bolt may be seized in the linkage due to lack of regular service. shoot penetrating oil and get a lead shot hammer and using a punch try to get the bolt to budge. Carefull not to over hit the bolt with a large hammer and damage the swing arm. If that fails go use a press to press out the bolt. :thumbsup:

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