Message to James Dean

Hi James

I'm getting very confused !!!

On a post last week we discussed carb settings for my '99. Here is what we decided:


#170 main (may want to try #165)

#48 pilot

#100 air

1 turn out on pilot screw

My question might sound a little stupid, but here goes........

Is the "#48 pilot" the 'PILOT AIR JET' or the 'PILOT JET' ??

Also, is the "#100 air" the 'MAIN AIR JET' or the 'PILOT AIR JET' ??

I'm tying myself up in knots here....helppppp


I'm not JD but the 48 is the pilot and the 100 is the pilot air jet

the main air jet is a 200


Cheers Jason

I'd love to say "just what I thought", but I'd be lying !!!!

Thanks for the help Jason.

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