XR's ONLY Exhaust Question

Does anyone have a xr's only can on their xr650r? If so is yours the ceramic coated or stainless steel version. How do you like it? Is the $60 upgrade to stainless steel worth it?

I will be running the stock header. Is it a midrange-topend pipe? Or bottom-end? Hows the durability? Quality made? To loud?

Right now i have the fmf powercore IV and the durability is terrible. Its uses a round clamp to hold it on and it is wearing through the pipe. Does xrs only use a clamp like this or is there a tab welded in?

Any help is appreciated. If there is any other pipe that you have tried and liked mention it.

2000 xr650r plated with baja designs


pristine condition minus crappy fmf

I've used a few of their older supertrapp style pipes. I don't have any experience with the latest model. However, I would definitely go with the stainless, as the ceramic coated carbon steel can still rust eventually. I've been happy with the quality and craftmanship of the XR's Only pipes I've used. Good luck.

I have also read about the pro cuircuit T4 system and looks super nice. I don't know about spending $675 for a full system. Is it super durability and is the sound real loud? I dont care if its loud but i like the deep tone of the fmf i have now.

Does anyone run the T4? Full system or just can with stock header? I am leaning toward just the can. Where is the power at with the full system and just the can. Like all top all bottom? Power everywhere?

Several people use the T4 system, but I've not seen any evidence of what the best pipe/system is for the 650R. In general, headers on a stock motor/cam will lose some bottom end and gain in the mid and especially in the top end. Not so bad on the street, or desert. Not so good in the slower stuff, trails etc...

White Bros. has always had a good pipe for the 650R. Back in the early days, the WB E-Series Pro Meg was one of the best for all around power increase. This is what I use on my 650R with the stock header, great sound and great low/mid combination. I've heard good things about the new WB E2 pipe also, but have no personal experience with it.

Guys in Europe mostly swear by the Akrapovic full system on the 650R. Not cheap either, but it's quality and craftsmanship is unmatched, supposedly makes excellent all around power and comes in at a very reasonable 98db (as compared to other open systems). This is the system I will buy some day.

Alot of the US stuff, like FMF, Big Gun etc... are cheaply built and will fall apart and rust up on you. Definitely go all stainless/vs ceramic coated carbon steel if you have the option.

Like I said, since the CRF's came out, the 650R has been largely ignored and I've not seen any exhaust reviews. Some companies don't even make 650R pipes/systems anymore that used to. Everybody has there own very limited opinion on this subject, so just buy what is priced good and looks good and is hopefully not too loud and be happy. Good luck.

I think for sure I am go to get the pro circuit T4 It appears to be quality built and looks good to. Now I have to make this one decision. I get the T4 and use it along with the stock header. ($330 + about $100 to send off my header to www.jet-hot.com for a ceramic coating)

Or i get the T4 can and run the FMF high-flow header ($330 + $180 = $510) and i may ceramic coat it in hopes of more power and less heat. =$610

Both of these methods are cheaper than the full system from pc = $640 They charge like $300 for their header. The question is does the FMF header fit like the stock one and have the duability?

P.S.- I ride 50% dual sport and the rest off road, but not to slow so the high flow exhuast would be ok it it still had some bottom end.

I have been quite happy with my stainless XRs only full system but i'm rideing an L. The quality of the pipe I got seem's very good. And the sound is awesome.

I have the T4 complete system. I also ride about 50% on road. Also live in Phoenix AZ where I have to emissions it. Jet the carb lean and no problem. I like the complete system. It is loud, but like the harley guy's say Loud Pipes Saves Lives. I also ride the single track trails. Power is good all the way around

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