06 450xc vs 06 525 xc which to buy?

Hi, new to forum. desert racing and GP racing senior class,(not competitive)Which bike?

Does the 450xc have more updated suspension,or other latest tech?

I currently ride CR 500 & xr 650 so I like big bikes as easy and lazy to go fast, but other riders have advised me to go xc450 vs xc525 as plenty powerful but much better handling agility? and better suspension. My dealar is selling the xc 525 $300 less than xc450, as the 06 525 is not so popular this year, so I am tempted to maybe buy the wrong bike?

If you are comfortable on your CR500 and XR650 then the 525 is right up your alley..........

525 :thumbsup: go the big bore, given the bikes you currently ride, i think youl find the 525 would suit your needs.

you will not notice the difference in handling IMO, they are nearly the same bike, but ones got a bigger bore

does the 525 have a long or short stroke?

THe 525 has the longer stroke motor! The 450 will out drag the 525. go for the fohfiddy!

drjrosen, given that you ride the same type of terrain and classes I do, I would recommend the 525 XC. The trans ratios are a better match for desert and GP. If you ride both you'll see what I mean. I originally thought I wanted the 450XC, especially after a test ride. The 450 was a sweet bike! But after talking to an ex-national champ (no names without permission) he recommended the 525, which I bought.

At first I was pretty disappointed. It felt slow and soft compared to the 450 I had ridden. However, I have discovered its not slower at all. Both models are probably within a few peak HP of each other, but the 525 makes noticeably more torque. Learn to use the torque and no 450 will pass you. I found that in the desert its much easier to ride fast for distance and the trans is a better match for the desert.

As for GPs, just remember that the 525XC has the same first 4 gears as the 525SX.

Subsequent rides on the 450XC leave me feeling it would be an ideal hare scrambles bike. Its very versatile. I could MX, enduro, or whatever on that bike. But for real desert and senior GPs I think you may like the 525 better. I think the desert is why the 525 XC exists. No matter what choice you make you can't go wrong with either one!

THe 525 has the longer stroke motor! The 450 will out drag the 525. go for the fohfiddy!

I keep seeing comments similar to this, and find it hard to believe. I'd have to see it to believe it. I have "gone through the gears" against a variety of 450 bikes, none of which have beaten my 525. Some of them have jumped out for a ways or hung with the 525 for a while, but ultimately the 525 pulls away.

my 450 will smoke your 525.

525's beat 450's... THE END

my 450 will smoke your 525.

Highly unlikely.

you will not notice the difference in handling IMO, they are nearly the same bike, but ones got a bigger bore

That's not true, these bikes are quite a bit different. The 525 is basically last year's MXC, while the 450 is a totally diff. bike:

- short-stroke SX derived engine

- billet triple clamps w/ 18/20 adj. offset

- slimmer tank

- IIRC (not sure) suspension may be a bit different?

I have no idea which one is faster, but my 450 has all the power I need.

Thanx guys for all the feedback. Wow, both camps are enthuastic about each model.

Any opinions which would be better for tight tecnical sections in desert races? Any opinion that the 450xc has lower 1st & 2nd gears than 525?

For faster sections sounds like the torque of the 525 is the winner, but I am wondering if the high speed advantage( gearing-torque, not just pure top speed) is overshadowed by any hugh lower speed nimbleness of xc 450 in real racing conditions?

I am planning to probably buy soon and I wont be able to test ride them both, so if anyone has ridden both bikes please share your views.

Any opinion that the 450xc has lower 1st & 2nd gears than 525?

The 450 XC has tranny ratios unique to that model. First gear is inbetween the EXC and MXC; second gear is from the EXC; and third through sixth gears are from the MXC. The only real "fault" is the gap between second and third gears, which is wider than in the EXC tranny. Perhaps a better combo would be: 1st through 3rd gears from the EXC, and 4th through 6th gears from the MXC (both share the same 4th gear).

I would expect a 450XC (not EXC) to out run a 525 up to 70 or so.

The 450XC came out this year with a short stroke engine and a hybrid trans with 1st and 2nd being wide ratio gears, the upper gears being close ratio. Common misconcerption is that the 525 got those changes as well. Mechanically the 525XC is the prior 525MXC.

The 525XC is really tuned for open desert country and a good choice as long as you don't plan to take it to the woods, it gear ratios are very closly grouped which works great when you gear very tall and is a nighmare in tight stuff.

Another factor, a big one to me is how much rider effort it takes to ride, The short stroke motor of the 450XC or the Husky 450 & 510 will take a fraction of the effort that a 525 will.

you will not notice the difference in handling IMO

these bike feel and handle very different.

My cousin has an 05 525mxc with akrapovic full TI exhaust, ht racing power vane and torque vane and full Precision Concepts suspension work.

I have an 06 450xc stock except for JD jetting.

the 450 feels much much lighter.

the 450 has much less rotating mass and is more "flickable" than the 525.

they feel completely different.

as far as power the 450 revs much quicker and seems to put the power down better and will pull the 525 up to like 50-60...then the torque monster has time to catch up and will out run the 450 in 6th gear.

this is also true against the WR450.

but who really cares about 6th gear tapped? I know I don't.

I would rather turn better, have more snap and be able to soak up bigger hits.

guess that is why I got the 450xc :thumbsup:

That was the type of opinion I was searching for as it appears the short stroke motor of the 450xc will "race" better than the 525 in varing slow to medium-fast terrain. If i were rich, sounds like the 450 would be best for technical desert races and the 525 for the super fast ones. Thanx again for all your input. Too bad the dealar is discounting the 525 more than the 450!

the 450 is in much more demand than the 525.

my 450 will smoke your 525.

Your 450 won't touch my 525 in anything longer than 50 feet.

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