426 starting issues

I Have A 2000 yzf and i really need help on how to start this damm thing. i had it out two weeks ago, but it seems that i have to have someone in my bike party to help me start it. Anyone know what the hell is the right combo on getting this going myself????? :thumbsup:

"all you need is love" .. :thumbsup:

the starting routine is this;

#1: push the kick down until you cant anymore.

#2: pull the decomp. handle,

#3: push the kick past TDC as little as possible, (½ inch)

#4: release the decomp. and pull the kick to the top

#5: put your entire weight on the kick ....

i´m pretty light, about 140 lbs, and when my bike is cold i need something to lean the bike on (a tree, a garage etc.) so i can stand up and kick .. when the bike is hot i easily start sitting pretty far back and kicking

Dont I tried starting this thing all morning and all i got was a sore foot even with the boots on :thumbsup: want to sound like a big idiot whats the tcd? :thumbsup:

Can you please tell me wht the tdc is? sorry for the the last messg. messed it up a bit.

top dead center on the piston.

oh, sorry for the technical mumbo jumbo :thumbsup:, TDC is "top dead center" ...

edit: to late. :thumbsup::bonk:

Thanks so much. If This Works I'll Come And Mow Your Law And Paint Your House!!! :thumbsup:

First things first bro you need to check you fuel mix screw on the bottom of the carb. After that I recommed taking it out 1 and 3/4 and adjust from there. As for the starting issue try running one stage hotter plug in the bike. If it is a NGK CR8E run a CR7E. I have a 01 426 and it works great for me. Secondly when you pull in your decompression lever and set it to top dead center it is only actually about 2 to 3 inches! I was told in the past to go like half way down of more threw the kick but I found just barely pushing it puts the motor at top dead center and saves me a lot of head ache.

Last but not least check your plug cap and make sure it isn't corroded at all. Good luck man.

Thanks for all the help you guys are great!!! You Are A GOD! :thumbsup: Well i Guess I'm Gunna Have To Come Over A Do So Chores. I Went Out To My Bike And Did What You Said, The !/2 inch Thing And Damm It All To Hell It Started First Kick. I Guess I'll Keep The Bike For A While Longer And Dont HAve To HAve My Friend Start It For Me.THanks Again And I'm Gunna CHange Plugs. :thumbsup:

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