XR650R Newbie....what t should be addressed?

Picking up a 2002 XR650R tomorrow. Much bigger bike than I'de normally want, but since I'm going to race one in Mexico, I figured if I can find the right deal on one,I'de get one to ride so I know what to expect. Here's what the bike has now.....Clarke 4.3gl desert tank, moose skidplate, cr hi pro-tapers, acerbis wrap around handguards with spoilers, xrs only exhaust, case saver, choke plate, side panel with air vents. ($2500....low hours, good buy?) I'm getting the peg fix from Kritter, and the oil level tube kit. This bike will basically be a Baja pre-runner. I'll probably get a re-sprung/revalved suspension, and a basic bearing check and such. What else should get attention?

well i would go through the entire bike and "nut and bolt it" making sure that all nuts and bolts are tight. do a compression test and pull the clutch out and make sure the fibers are still good. check/change all the fluids. check valve clearances and then jump on her and let her rip. hope that you have fun with your new purchase.

I think that's a fair price, mostly you see them at $3000 range. Definitely check all the bearings in the upper shock body, linkage, and swingarm along with the headstock bearings. It might also be a good idea to check the clutch bushing. Mostly 2000 and 2001 bikes had the old bushing, but it's too cheap and easy to replace to not know for sure. Also check the counter shaft seal for signs of leakage. This is generally caused by overfilling the oil. An updated (thicker) seal is available. Other than that I would recommend a pumper carb (Mikuni or Edlebrock) as it gives near instantaneous throttle response. Good luck.

Good reply's....mostly what I expected. The comment about the stabilizer is right on. I expected this big of a bike not to NEED one. My ride on it yesterday showed me otherwise.

I'm starting to think that I'll probably want to keep the money spent on this bike to a minimum.....probably not do the revalve and such, unless I do it myself. It's not "bad" as is, just not great. Like I said before, this bike isn't what I prefer....I ride a KTM 525....just something to get me adjusted to one. I can say that the weight is certainly felt on the loose, rocky downhills. CRAZY amount of bottom end power! I think I'll probably drop to a 44 rear sprocket as the bike will certainly pull it.

What are the thoughts on the "peg fix"? It hasn't had a problem yet.



where the heck do you guys find these deals.....

Someone got me pretty good..... :thumbsup:

If you're like me....ya just sit and wait for the right deal. You get in a hurry to buy one, you'll always pay more. I've seen a TON of these bikes go for alot more. Don't feel bad, if you got what you want. Like I said before...I don't really want this bike, so I lowballed the guy. I told him straight up that it didn't make sense for me to pay more, considering what I need it for. He needed money, done deal. One of my riding partners picked up a 2000 model for $2000 about 2 months ago. Still had the stock front tire on it.

So the forks on this thing are harsh. The compression adjusters are backed all the way out. I assume the problem is probably the gelled fork oil I've been reading about? Without disassembling them, what should I use to flush them out with?

So the forks on this thing are harsh. The compression adjusters are backed all the way out. I assume the problem is probably the gelled fork oil I've been reading about? Without disassembling them, what should I use to flush them out with?

Chris, the suspension is very misleading on these pigs. I am new to this also and pre-ran the 1000 course last November with a bike right off of the showroom floor. I was impressed with the stock bike (uncorked only) and rode it hard enough in Baja to ruin both front and rear rims but also quickly realized stock these things are really limited and at times scary because of the weight and poor suspension. After I got it into the So Cal desert rides on tighter trails (one District 37 race) the poor suspension really stood out if you push it just a little bit!

I have a friend with the full Precision Concepts setup (modified CR500 shock in the rear) and this is NIGHT and DAY over a stocker. After swapping and bottoming all over Cal City on my stock suspension I'm giving in before I kill myself.

Good luck!

I just picked up an '00 for $2500, low hours as i rode with the guy who owned it previously...however, the moist oregon conditions had taken its toll on the suspension bearings, i'd check them out as the factory didn't use a whole lot o' grease in the first place. mine were dry and had to replace them all from swingarm down. Also, couldn't tell from your photos but wider footpegs are very useful, IMS makes some for $70 or so. The stock ones are ridiculously skinny.

Check the threads


Kritter fix works great.

cheap confidence

The "Kritter" fix is already in the works. As far as the suspension, I'm going to refrain from having it "done" until I decide if I want to keep the bike. If so, Precision Concepts will definetly get the nod. I'm going to put some milage on it on Sunday, and see how it goes. It's sooooooo different than my KTM 525, but I kinda like it so far.

By the way, check out this link for pics and info on a bike lift I picked up yesterday... http://www.district37ama.org/forums/showthread.php?t=6511 I've been wanting one for quite awhile, but finally found the right deal on one. 1000lb capacity, big enough for my Harley...$495 from Quality Tool and Equipment in Temecula CA. Close enough for me to pick up...no shipping.

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