"baja designs question"

:thumbsup: I was wondering if somebody out there knows if the baja designs wiring for a XR650 would work for a 92 XR600r??????...................

I have it on my '93. You might get it to work, but I think you are a generation off on bike design to plug and play it. Good luck.

Thanks, the only reason I ask is that I may be able to pick up the wiring part for a very reasonable price, and would then just need to get the blinkers. I just purchased a new D.O.T. baja designs headlight and shroud. Not sure what else I will need....maybe someone could give some advice. I do think ill need a new stator...

All I did was put the kit on.


The back 1/2 of clamp on the left clutch tree that had a threaded receiver for the mirror in it.

Pull the plug on the right brake, threads are in there for your right mirror.

go to a MC junk yard for your horn $5.00, BD's horn is a piece of @#%&!

Stock Honda speedo, (Might find one when getting horn?) P.S. look for blinkers there too if you dont have them in your kit.

I still have my install instructions if you have problems. :thumbsup:

The wiring stuff comes with that piece of @#%*horn, so I think I'll try it,and if I dont like it i'll find a better one. I allready purchased an acerbis fold down mirror for the left side, mainly because I wasn't aware of the threads on the right side, DUH, I feal real smart now!!! And those instructions, that sounds like a plan...your awsome man!!!So what kinda bike did you baja kit, and what year was the kit for????

I bought a '93 off the show room floor, threw on a Super Trapp I had laying around and rode it like a scalded cat for five years until I got the duel-sport bug again. Ordered the BD kit (a '93 kit from BD), the parts above, some fresh plastic, swapped tires and "Wallah" had another curb hopper to ride.

My Trapp was louder than my BD horn! So funny, after I replaced the horn and went riding with my buddies, when I was on the trail racing and come up from behind one of them and BLAST the horn next to them, they would freak out and let me pass. haha.

I kinda got tired of the 'ole tire swap deal. So I would just sub that out to my local bike shop when ever it's twist time with the boy's.

Well I must say that I DO love my BWP dearly, but the the old gray mare she ain't what she used to be....but then again I never laid a wrench on her, except to drain the oil's.

The new stud ponies my buddies were all riding just made me want a new bike all that much more. I looked at all bikes to buy, I have had a few "probably to Many a few when I was younger, they...fall down, go boom, get hit by car's, ouch!" errrrr, damn dumb girl! still hurts.

Take a look at my avatar, she's my new gal is so pretty, so svelte, so fast! and Oh, she cost so much compared to when I bought the BWP. But now I have the best of both world's in my garage again.

Welcome to the world of duel-sport, your life has just added a new chapter to motorcycle riding that I know you will enjoy. I have.

Oh and by the way, I do have a very loud pipe, so I will probably need a different horn, do you remember where you got yours????

I Just went to the local bike dismantler (Cyclesalvage) in my town. Showed them the horn they pulled out a box of 30 or so from a shelf, matched it up to a bookend then hooked it to a battery...annoying beep - Sold, five bucks.

o.k. thanks!!!!

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