valve seats

I am in the middle of a complete rebuild on my 99 YZ400. while I have it torn apart I decided to remove the valves and port the head. After inspecting the valves I found some light pitting. As cheep as valves are I would rather replace them. Do I need to take it to a machine shop to have new seats installed or does it need to go to a dealership. And do the valves need to be ground or can I just lap them. And should I replace the valve guides while it is apart.

Just get a new head. By the time you get everything replaced with new valves, springs, guides and seats you will be close to the cost of a new head. :thumbsup:

A new head Is $490.00 bare (no valves)

Send the head out for rebuild and most places charge $150 - $175. plus parts.

Valves, springs, guides and cut new seats. You need a special machine to cut seats for valves. This is not something you want to do at home. :thumbsup:

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