2004 WR450, needing hid lights for baja ride

Does anybody run Hid's on there WR? Do I need the stator rewound? Can I run 2 or just 1? Anybody use the helmet lights? Any help or suggestions welcome!

WR450 has AC/DC split stator design. At 2500 rpm the AC is rated up to 55 watts and the DC is 26 watts. However HID needs DC power. That means 1 HID 35 W AC headlight is no problem using the DC it will be dim around idle but fine once you get reving.


2 HIDs would be too much load for the stock stator without converting it to all DC.

But you can run 2 HID 13 watt helmet lights off of the DC side.

And one 8" diameter - Halogen 55/65 watt AC headlight which should be fine but a 100 watt will max out the stock stator (120 watt maximum at high rpm)



Thank you for your input. I have looked at Trail tech HID lights and Baja Designs, The Trail Tech is alot cheaper...same wattage. Anybody have a preference?

I run the Trailtech twin helmet lights off of the DC current (battery) and an 80 watt halogen AC headlight. If you drop below 2500 rpms the headlight will dim. About the only time I drop below 2500 is when I'm braking hard into a corner and then the helmet lights take over as you are looking into the corner.

So far the DC side has been able to supply enough power to keep the HID helmet light lit for hours without killing the battery. :thumbsup:

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