Scream's WR is complete - sort of - PICS

what year wr?

it's a 2001

Man thats a hard question to answer since it took the better part of 5 months to do it, the powder coating alone was about $400.00 for everything I did, the polishing/anodizing was another $400.00, the brand new motor was $1400.00, the headwork and big bore parts (boring, plating, gaskets and piston kit) were $750.00, I already had the wheels but I bought a new 5" rear and re-did the hubs in blue as well as the rims, so lace and true with black spokes was about $150.00, the pipe was $360.00 (ebay score of the century), the 05 pastics, seat, subframe and brake master were about $500.00, graphics were $230.00

Sliders and bar ends were $90.00, brake caliper rebuild kits (so I could anodize them) were about $85.00, then all the various nuts, bolts, airbox parts, and such were at least another $200.00 ....

So that alone is $4565.00 in parts and material.

I did not *need* a new engine, but the deal was too good to pass up since it came with a brand new carb, and if you take into account the fact that I bought a frame, and swingarm and tons of other extras like the electronics, nuts bolts, axles, engine guards and crap off a member here in the classifieds for $290.00 I have everything but forks and a shock to put another complete bike together (my next project) which I will probably sell when its done for somewhere around $3 grand maybe.

Thats what I told my wife anyway, and if I stay true to that and sell the other bike even for $2500.00 when its done, that means that I got my super trick WR done up for $2000.00 which is unheard of in the supermoto community.

Yeah its a lot of money, but I guarantee there is not another one like it anywhere and that is what makes it *priceless* to me, I never went into this trying to add resale value to the machine, I did it because I love to make things my own, I like to do stuff I have never seen anyone else do.

I really do appreciate all the compliments you guys, I am glad you think it's cool, thank you very very much.... :thumbsup:

where did you get your number plate backgrounds and numbers?


I'm converting my WR450F into a street motard. Everythings cool except my fromt axel is about 5mm short for the Ohlins supermotard forks. Looking for a easy fix. I'm way out in Alaska with no machine shops near by. Appreciate any help.

Lost in the frozen North.


RATHER THAN THE WR !! , :thumbsup: , :thumbsup: , :bonk::bonk::bonk:!!!

Sorry that just the way I REALLY feel !!!


RATHER THAN THE WR !! , :thumbsup: , :thumbsup: , :bonk::bonk::bonk:!!!

Sorry that just the way I REALLY feel !!!

Who left the f'n door open and let some assclown in???

BTW, very nice job. Maybe one day I can motard my ' day.

That bike is gorgeous!

Beautiful job!


RATHER THAN THE WR !! , :thumbsup: , :bonk: , :eek::bonk::bonk:!!!

Sorry that just the way I REALLY feel !!!

Can we see pics of YOUR bike please?

Just curious what makes your boat float, it would be nice to have a comparison.

Thanks for your opinion tho, I was certain it would not be appealing to everyone on the board.

So to those that like it and have complimented it...

THANK YOU! :thumbsup:

Dude you're nuts!!! Which makes me jealous cuz I put the Futs in NUCKINGFUTS!!

Slick toy by all accounts :thumbsup:

Post up another 4 or 5 different action shots and I can make a garage calander of that beast.

......and I thought I had a powder problem :bonk:

Bring that baddog up to Infineon so we can lay darkies! :thumbsup:

But why do you need bark busters on a super motard?
To save your pinky when you go down!

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