Maier Mx rear fender for XR600/650L

Has anybody installed a Maier MX rear fender on their 600R or 650L? This is the motocross or MX fender not the standard one, I would like to know what it looks like? Is it similar to a CR/CRF fender? If possible a picture of a XR with this fender would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

my 99 L had one on it when I bought it....looks great and looks like a very easy install.......will try to take some pics for you soon :thumbsup:

See my garage. I have one installed. It still curves downward a bit too much for my taste, as I would prefer more of a straight back "stinger" like the CRF's have. It's still way better than the droopy dongle stock one though. The Cemoto one is a little better and in retrospect I probably would have gone with that instead.

I just ordered a maier for my L with a baja design under the fender tail light. Any one have any opinions on that set up. I have that acerbis tail light now but I find it not working to many times.

I too didn't like the way the Maier curved down, so I chopped it and installed a Baja Designs LED. Here's my take...



Thats pretty cool, I like the chopped look. :thumbsup:

My Baja Designs light is underneath the fender. I cut off all the plastic for the plate holder part and just left the light.

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