Praise For Edelbrock

I have a XR650R with one of the first Edelbrock Quiksilver carbs on it. It's about 5 years old and has performed flawlessly. While at the KTM Tech Day in San Diego I noticed that the accelerator pump was broken. No idea how it broke or how long it was broken. The bike would start after one kick everytime and had acted as usual.

So I call Edelbrock to get a replacement and tell the tech that it is broke. He tells me that it is $33.95 for a new part. Then says wait, you said it broke?,Yes is the answer. He says send it in and I will warranty it. After 5 years!

I sent it in and 3 days later got it in the mail. I have to say this is customer service. I was so impressed. Almost as much as I am with the way this carb works.

Just thought I'd pass this on. If you are thinking of updateing the carb(a must IMHO) on a XR650R go and check out the Edelbrock you won't be disappointed.

Thats good to hear...great customer service... :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

I had same experiance. My pump needle stuck & they sent me a new free needle quickly . My carb is pretty old too! :thumbsup:

I crashed my bike into a big scrub oak and a limb managed to get under my Clarke tank to bend the pump shaft. Edelbrock sent me a new pump assy. and a new pump needle in 2 days... My carb was only a week old, but thats great service.

Mine ran ok without the pump as well, started fine too.. just no giddy-yap when you snap the throttle.

Forget the E-start conversion, just get a Q-Silver, 1-2 kick starts everytime.

Yeah I was amazed that the bike still kicked over after 1 kick. I too noticed the throttle wasn't as snappy, but passed it off as cold.

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