Free Mods

I am a new owner of a WR426 01 from a YZ250 and was reading about these free mods...

I am going to do the airbox lid, YZ throttle stop and was also thinking of the YZ cam and auto-decomp?? NOT the grey wire...will this matter???

Also how much is the yz cam and auto-decomp where from in Aus can i get my hands on one and does anything else need to be done 2 the bike if i decided to do it???

AND the obviouse questions is; is it worth the money?

The bike already has a full Pro-circuit exhust

Any help much appreciated :thumbsup:


If money is a problem then just change the exhaust cam 1 tooth and you now have YZ timing. DO, do the grey wire. Auto decomp is a different cam altogether. Check for the WR - YZ cam mod and the grey and Blue wire mods. The mods are the same for the 250 and the 426. Free is always better. WR Dave.

The YZ cams seem to be about $200 here in Aust.

Upgrading to the autodecomp is worth it, the starting ritual on the 426 is a pain in the ass. The 450, you just have to kick, that is all. Even if there was no power gain, it is a blessing.

With the grey wire, just pull it out of the harness to try it out. If you don't like it, put it back in.

May as well try the YZ cam timing first, before buying an autodecomp cam. It would be a good time to replace the cam chain as well.

I was very impressed with performance after i did the gray wire mod. It was a small difference, but still a noticible difference. I would recommend it to any WR owner, its free, and faster.

oh ok thanks for that boys... i might do that grey wire mod and YZ throttle stop......So.... if i wanted the auto-decomp and the YZ cam (timing) then i would buy a 03 YZF Cam??

"If you want auto-compression release AND YZF timing, you need a '03 YZF cam" ThumperFaq

Is this true and do i need to muck around with anything else after these mods have been done like jetting ect???

Also how much for a )# YZF cam??

Sorry for the newby questions 2 Strokes are soo much easier!!


has any1 got a 42601 with a wr03 cam in it??? Hows it run??? any problems or other modifications neede to be done??

I did some research and did a few mods to my 01 426. You can see them in my garage. PM me if you have any questions or if i can help. :thumbsup:

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