WR450F bike protection

I want to put some protection to my rear disc brake and caliper and front disc.

The carbon fiber protecton is very cool - is it strong enough? GYTR has carbon fiber and aluminum guards as well - are they better? The carbon fiber chain rollers from GYTR worth the money? I saw the new Acerbis front disc protectors-really cool looking and easy to remove front wheel - any input?


I put thousands of nasty miles (at least 3,000 miles) on my 2003 WR450F in Baja as well as Utah and the SOCAL desert. I looked at the pricey rigid rear disc brake guards. I thought they were a lot of money and chose to stay with the stock guard. In 3 years, I replaced the stock guard two times. The guard was replaced when it had become so deformed that the disc brake rotor melted it. New good guy price for a stock rear disc brake guard --- approx. $8.00. Do the math, you can replace a lot of stock disc brake guards for the $80-120 that I see folks asking for the fancy after market ones. Remember, once a metal guard is bent, it usually is history and carbon fiber can delaminate, then it is history also. The stock plastic guard springs back into shape after it takes a hit.

As for a front disc brake guard, I had an Acerbis on my 2003 and it worked just fine. I spoke to the SoCal Scotts/Acerbis sales rep at the Dirt Rider 24 hour torture test on 7 Feb. She said that front guards to fit 2006 WR450F's were still not available, but were expected in Feb. There is a difference in the way the front brake caliper is attached between 2005 and 2006. I tried the 2005 Acerbis front disc brake guard on my 2006 WR and it would not fit. Just to let you know as I don't see a model year listed in your email.

I bought the front two piece acerbis for my '06 last week.

You have to remove the stock combo sleeve/dust cap from the seal, and install the acerbis aluminum piece with the plastic guard in the color of your choice.

With me being a rock magnet and this is my first front floating disc, I wanted to give it a magical protective cloak.

I have shredded many disc guards on my XR's in the past and never had to buy a disc...knock on wood, I'm still breaking my '06 in so ill keep you posted on the durability after it's seen some of my abuse.


When I called Scott Goggles (distributor for Acerbis) in October, the rep said that the Acerbis Spider Disc Cover, $21.95 and universal mounting kit $9.95 would fit a 2006 WR450F. This inspite of the fact that the catalog says that it will only fit WR426/450 2001-2004. This disc guard arrangement fit my 2003 WR450F with no modifications. The Spider Disc Cover would not fit my 2006 WR450F. Perhaps with some amount of modification it could have been made to work, but I chose to send it back.

Actually, I really want a Spider EVOLUTION Disc Cover, $19.95 and model specific mounting kit, $29.95. The catalog says mount kits are for WR450F 2003-2005 only. I want the Evolution cover because my experience with the universal mount disc cover was that it was a hassle to change a tire, because of the way the univeral mount attached to the fork and brake caliper assembly.

Now, which Acerbis Disc Cover did you buy, Spider Disc Cover with universal mounting kit or Spider EVOLUTION Disc Cover with model specific mounting kit?

I bought the Acerbis Spider Evolution for my '06 with a white and blue plastic cover. It say's that it will not fit the '05 on the package. I asked the same question hoping to save a couple of bucks, but was I told that this is the wave of the future and Acerbis would not make just the plastic front disc/caliper-guard/cover for the '06 and subsequently newer WR's. I tried the UFO plastic for an '05...did not fit, returned it the next day and was told that for the '06 the price doubled to $44.00! I said tell the UFO plastic Italians to take a hike. and bought the Acerbis for a couple of bucks more.


Thanks for the update. Looks like the shipment from Italy arrived, while I was in CO. Another opportunity to spend money. :thumbsup:

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