Longest Road Trip on the XR?

Whats the Longest trip you have taken on your XR 600 or 650??

I've done 150-200 mile days just driving around rural areas around Chicago. I'm thinking of driving it to Philly this spring (700 miles), but I don't know if my body could take it.

I have had several 300+ mile days on my L. One was about 90% offroad and the others were about 75% offroad.

I am planning a 175 mile round trip when the weather warms. 100% hiway. I still have the stock tank but can make it easily filling up once. I do have a 650r, do i need to look at a softer seat? Does a 650L seat fit on a 650R? Whats a aftermarket company?

I wonder if Corbin makes a seat for the XR650?

rajflyboy.....Corbin does make seats for the XR600 and 650L. I had one my '96 XR600 for a while, didn't like it nearly as well as the stock seat.

I put a corbin on my L but haven't had the chance to ride it that way very far yet. Thinking of doing a trip up to Mt. Washington this summer.

hey its funny you just asked that,

im planning a 2000 mile trip in 4 weeks time.

I have changed my gearing to 15/45 and slapped some pirelli scorpions (mt90)

plus a clarke 4.5 gal .

The longest ride i've been on is 250miles , the bike felt like it could carry on forever , it was me who couldnt, mainly cause of the seat.

Someone suggested wearing cycling pants under my mx pants to help.

The Baja 1000 guys go for 1000 miles at Full Speed. I guess the XR 650 is a good bike for Long Distance.

Any Other seats beside the Corbin??

ive done a 350 mile trip from denio nevada to carson city nevada had to fill up 4 times, ran out of fuel once.(05 xr650l) stock tank wont make more than 65-70 miles at this elevation. 75% street, 25%dirt. was fun tho! at 75-80 mph!:thumbsup:

Looking on the Corbin website, it looks like they are beginning to make a seat for the xr650R. Yes, I wrote R. I am going to call them in a few days to make sure that it is not a misprint on their site.



I am putting about 2,000 in late April (one ride, One week, averge 250/day) will let you know...

Should be 50/50

I did 1200 in 4 days. My girl was with me and she was on a XT225. Tough girl. I do 300 mile days all the time. We are planning a 600 mile two-day ride in July here in Texas. Calling it the Texas Chainlube Massacre. Don't have a website up yet but we got a silly myspace group started. Come ride with us...


back a few years rode my 97 650l from bay area to mammoth lakes, rode the mx track(cleared the double,left my blinker on the track,broke the sub frame) camped for a week rode home. thats the longest one ive done little more than 500 miles one way

I Rode From Seattle Washington To Boise To Eugene, OR and back to seattle. About 1,000 miles. It was probably more cause I did not take direct routes but thats a good estimation. Of course this was not done in a day.

My mods were: Acerbis Tank, Motosport soft bags, Tank panniers, Pro Moto Billet Rack (with my own custom enlarging device) SRC Temp dipstick, 19 inch front Rim with street tire, 18 inch rear with street tire, higher output stater (re-wound) and an AIR HAWK that I borrowed from a friend. The Air Hawk saved my ass big time.

I geared to 15/40 (was going to go to 15/38 but sprocket did not come in time, 38 would have been nice to have in Idaho (70+ speed limit out of Boise) and speeding through the eastern OR desert, but is a little too high for other things. It was also aluminium so it would have not been long for this world.

I would probably do it again.

Things I learned...


Brighter lights are a good thing, don't be cheap.

Kidney belt not a bad idea, Ass cushioning device a great idea.

PACK LIGHT, yes I mean it!

whats an air hawk ?

I've ridden a few 1000 mile plus trips and multiple 300 mile days on my trusty 650R. My personal record for 1 day is about 350 miles covering about 80% dirt 20% street. Personally I think a 200 - 225 mile day would be perfect. When you start pushing yourself and for me it's anything over 200, you are more likely to get injured due to fatigue and poor judgment.

I find riding my R any distance on the road is far more tiring then off road. I wear the padded bike shorts and have a aftermarket soft seat and do all I can do to protect my self from the dreaded monkey butt, but those long hours in the saddle take their toll on me.

ive never had the ol girl on a road trip, no more than 5 or so miles because i have no cycle endorsement so i gotta be close to places i know where to run. longest trial day, 75 miles. I take my cycle class this may so ill be switchin over to pure street then.

Like most guys....the seat is the big killer. After about 100+ miles my ass is done. I'd like to ride longer but it just isn't enjoyable with that kind of discompfort. I tried a tall soft seat but will have to get the gel or corbin seat before any more extended rides.

270 miles riding double on my R. It was this years B to V on Saturday , my 8 year old came along :thumbsup:

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