Longest Road Trip on the XR?

I have over 50,000 miles on my 1995 650L.. It has been nearly everywhere in Nevada in the last nine years :thumbsup:

It loves the long trips!!!

I did 400 miles in two days a year ago about half of that each day. The last 50 miles I could not sit down and it was all street riding. Got some strange looks going through town standing up like a spode :thumbsup: and I did not even care. Monkey butt, you gotta love it :thumbsup:

My longest so far was only about 350miles without any probs, apart from sunburnt forearms :thumbsup:

Planning on riding down to South Africa one day, about 5000miles, but will do it in 3 or 4 months.

Hey are you really in Uganda?

I used to work in Lira. Had a house near the american club in kampala....good times.

whats an air hawk ?

This thing you put your ass on... to keep air moving around down there and to give some cushioning... cheaper than a custom seat and adjustable/ removable.


just a random page with some pictures and descriptions...you can order these from any Parts Unlimeted or Tucker Rocky dealer, not sure which one, but one o' em.

I have taken my 650R to Baja on two 3500 mile trips and one 700 mile trip (dislocated elbow). I have also done a loop from Phoenix through Utah, over to Colorado, down through NM and back to Phoenix and that was about 4000 miles. I own a few of these bikes and love them love them love them. This past December before my annual trip to Mexico, I had a seat made by James Renazco out of Santa Rosa and man does my prostate like it. I will be taking a trip through Copper Canyon very soon and will not hesitate to put another 4000 miles on it.

I did 1236 miles in 4 days last summer, mostly off pavement. the longest day was 399 miles and I routinely do 250 - 300 mile days and those are about 50-50 on/off.


My friend wants to do an Ironbutt ride this spring ( 1000 miles in 24 hours ) so we'll see if the XRL will treat me good.

I have put in several 250 mile days on my XR650R supermoto, with the stock seat. I dunno - maybe my butt is as dead as a sack of beef jerky, but between scrambling all over the thing in corners, and stops for gas every 100 miles, it hasn't bothered me a bit... :thumbsup:



i rode a xr650l from whidbey island, washington to estes park, colorado one summer.

while working in estes park i rode the bike every day as my only mode of transporation.

at the end of the summer i rode it back to central washington where i continued to ride the same bike everyday as my only mode of transportation while in college at CWU for the next two years.

i took old highways and found a lot of dirt roads that took me through most of western wyoming and central idaho.

i got caught in a storm in wyoming where i was the only person on the road and there was no shelter for miles. i was doing 15 miles an hour for what seemed like an entire day.

like others said, pack light. i overpacked and it was a big mistake.

I ride 200 mile days in BAja all the time. Make sure u have at least a 4gal tank and locktight all your bolts then check them ever so often

I've done a 325 mile day on my XR600. I did last year's LA2B2V and it ran flawlessly. Make sure you check your oil before you start.

I just finished a 1,500 mile Baja ride on my '03 650R. The seat is a tall foam SDG one. It's comfy - I got run over by a VW buggy in Puertecitos and broke my hand on the morning of the second day, and rode the next 1,350 miles on the saddle 'cuz I couldn't stand on the pegs anymore.


Longest single day? - 750 miles from London to the French Alps to go skiing.

Longest trip ? - Just on 5000 miles from UK to Gambia in West Africa. Most days on that trip were around 300 - 350 except when on dirt in the sahara.

Both on an '87 XR600.

Bike's pretty much stock except for a 40L tank and DIY seat.

240 mles on single days is not a problem on the 650R, better if you are in the twisties and can move around.

Copper Canyon was a 1,400 mile trip on the 650L in 6 days. Did not miss a beat.

Longest single day? - 750 miles from London to the French Alps to go skiing.

Longest trip ? - Just on 5000 miles from UK to Gambia in West Africa. Most days on that trip were around 300 - 350 except when on dirt in the sahara.

Both on an '87 XR600.

Bike's pretty much stock except for a 40L tank and DIY seat.

Man, you are inspiring ... born-again hardcore !! ... :thumbsup:

The most I've done onm my 650R in a single day is about 800 kms (500miles) which was mainly B road tar, with maybe 100 miles of dirt over a couple of mountian ranges. Total about 12 hours in the saddle. No real problems other than a sore rear end (need to stand.... alot), and the limited fuel range with the stock tank. It was in June in Australia, so it involved some below zero temps and bits of snow in the hills (it does snow in australia - true). Went one way and reversed the trip a couple of days later :thumbsup:

One of the most hardcore for shear boredom and ass soreness is a mate who rode from perth to phillip island for a moto GP a few years ago on his DR650. It's something like 3500 kms (maybe 2200 miles) one way and he did 3 days one way, 4 days of drinking at the island, and 3 days home. A long trip on a dirt bike....

California to Colorado and back on a 650L

Couple of thousand miles when all said and done with

one 650 mile day.

Had a Corbin seat at that time, but don't recommend them.

Most on my 650R = 250 dirt and street day

Headed to Baja in April. Plan on breaking that number.

These XR650R's are one of the most dependable motorcycles ever made. My longest trip was just shy of 4000 miles. A buddy and I started in Mexicali and rode to La Paz. We then took the ferry over to the mainland of Mexico and rode through Copper Canyon and back to Mexicali. The second off highway trip was from Colorado Springs to Oregon on the TransAmerican Trail. That trip was 2600 miles. I also ride as a sweep crew for a Baja tour company with thousands of miles on the same bike. So far the only repair is I changed out the clutch, just because I thought I should. Same rings and piston and doestn't burn any oil. All these miles with the origanal Baja Designs Dual Sport kit that works flawless. All one needs to do is change the oil and filter regualarly and keep the valves adjusted. It won't disapoiont you.

Ive gotten monkey butt before,about 250-280 miles In one day.1986XR600 many after market parts etc.

Longest trip in one day was 500 miles. Mojave Desert, CA to Sacramento, CA on my 650L, it would have easily made it much longer.

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