Would anyone Be Interested in 426 being Parted out?

I have an 01 426 that I might be parting out if I can get enough money from it. Only after market the bike has is a coated Thunder Alley Pipe. If I do part it I believe the frame and motor+carb and electronics are sold already.

I'd be interested in the stator base assembly and maybe some plastic for the right price..... :thumbsup:

I am interested in the tank and seat. Let me know.


Radiator shrouds, rear subframe if its aluminum, tank & seat if the others dont get em. :thumbsup:

Possibly wheels if the price is right. Have any pictures of that pipe?

Let us know,


I think the bike is getting sold whole, Ive already had a few people interested, but Ill let you guys know if anything falls through

pics of that pipe would be nice, always looking for exhaust.

You got a yz426 stator base assembly, and some tank radiator shrouds...... :thumbsup:

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