04 yz 450f parts?

i am new to blue just bought a used 04 yz450f it needs a header pipe bad, it is creased, not just dented, so i was planning on replacing it maybe a whole system. also the front brake line is missing pieces the bottom brackets cover hangers and bolts. i was wondering if anybody would have a spare header pipe or recomend somewhere and also i was wondering about installing a cr type front brake line and routing would i need any special brackets to do that and what brand would you recomend. the fork slider cover on the front brake side is broken at the top where the old brake line fished through the two tabs. also i'll need to replace the fork seals and wipers what oil height is suggested, i don,t have a manual does any body got one of those for sale also,thanks guys just wanting some friendly suggestions

i try doing a search on the topics

Do a search for the '03 manual in pdf form. There's a link to it here somewhere. (Or buy one in dead tree edition, it's well worth the $$ to have it in your toolbox)

- Ryan

thanks uncle george

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