Found a JERK Cop today

I lost my license plate somehow so I was riding to the DMV to get another one. I rode the bike up onto the sidewalk off to the side like everyone always does. The cop pulls up and starts this powertrip style talking...

"Hey boy, what're you doing with that thing on the streets?"

(knowing that I've done nothing wrong, I respond confidently)

"I have it registered, but someone stole my plate. I'm parked in from of the DMV to get another one. Don't worry, the bike is street legal and registered."

"Where are your turn signals then?"

"We don't need turn signals in Colorado"

"All vehicles need turn signals to be legal"

"I know some states require it, but not in colorado. I just got it registered less than a week ago and they said I didn't need them."

"So does that make it legal to ride on sidewalks?"

"I don't ride on sidewalks, why would I have to. It's street legal and plated as such."

"Well if you don't ride on sidewalks, then how'd the bike get up here?"

(realizing now that he was talking about the bike being parked on the sidewalk. Not a narrow sidewalk that might get int he way either.)

"I'm not riding it on the sidewalk like a punk little kid, I'm just parking it up here like eveyone with a motorcycle always does."

"Well it's illegal to have a motorvehicle on a sidewalk."

"How's it illegal? I'm just parking it up here where I can see it so someone doesn't run off w/ it. It's not like it's in anyone's way or anything."

"Well cars can't park up here, so motorcycle's can't either. It's against the law, and I can give you a ticket for it."

(starting to realize that maybe he might ticket me anyway, I get timid)

"Sorry Sir, I didn't realize that it bothered anyone, or that it was against the law. I'll move it right now."

I guess he could have been more of a jerk and given me a ticket for it. I never thought that it was illegal to park on the sidewalk up near the door of a store. Anyone else have an encounter like this?


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Not that this is a good excuse, but these guys have a lot of stress latley, bomb threats everywhere and all that stuff. you did the right thing.

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Why is it that when a police officer has to do his job, he's being a jerk? I'm sure you wouldn't have parked your car up there. You know sidewalks are for people. (hell, ain't going there, it's not why i'm replying).

Think of it in this light....police spend most of their day reminding or trying to correct those things which their suppose to enforce...the things your legislature or city (by ordinance) have put into place. Occasionally police encounter someone who disagrees with these laws or just doesn't like being told what's lawful or unlawful. By the very nature of their contact with the public (confrontational) they are seen as Ogers or jerks.

I'm getting way into this too much. Here's another perspective. Someones going to complain about your bike on the sidewalk and that's not going to help others in the future who want to license theirs. It's a licensed motor vehicle, treat it as such.

I see your point, but then why don't they act more like they're trying to help instead of trying to be a jerk. I wouldn't have posted this if he nicely came up to me and said "you know it's against the law to park there, can I get you to move it.." I respect that, as he's obvisously doing his job and not pulling a power trip.

I don't mind police doing their job. Most of the time I appreciate it. Without them, the US would be anarchy. They're largely our heros on the streets everyday, and we don't give them credit for it until they're killed.

I'm just saying that I guess I'd have a more gentle approach for things that are obviously not bothering anyone. And maybe it be different if I were in the shoes of a police man for a day. I've met nice policemen though, and nice policemen that have even given me a ticket, but they were still nice. I just wonder why more can't be like that. The rest are jerks. Period.

Oh, why is it that kids can park their bikes up there, and we can't park ours up there? What is it that's different? Ours are just heavier. I always turn off the engine and coast once I'm on the sidewalk anyway. Maybe others aren't as considerate? I dunno.

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Ive been pulled over quite a rew times in my car. About 25% of the time I get a cop thats not a jerk, that may be overestimating a little. I have absolutely no problem with them doing their job. most of the time I am pulled over i know exactly why and just smile and say you got me. I never try and argue and am always polite to them, but most of them treat me like crap. they usually have quite an attitude. I dont care how hard their job is theres no reason to not treat me like a damn human being.

Exactly. All I was trying to get at is why don't they lighten up a little. Maybe they just don't like their job, or maybe they're pissed because if I wasn't doing something wrong, they could still be sitting there doing nothing. They should almost be glad that people brake the law. Without it, 1.) They wouldn't have a job 2.) If they did have a job, it'd be pretty damn boring.

Look I'm not trying to sound like a jerk here, just making light conversation about a topic. Feel free to submit your oppinion. I know there's a member that's an officer...

Except maybe on a moped, I never park my street bikes on the sidewalks. Just never have felt comfortable doing so. Well, maybe once or twice when I felt really lazy.

Hey thumper33, I was looking for some of that Silkolene grease you suggested for the steering head. Where? I tried autozone, napa and pepboys.

wasn't me that suggested that grease. I've not greased my bearings yet. Probably need to, but am afraid it'll take forever and I'm too lazy.

your the jerk....just shut up and move your bike and an added thankyou sir would'nt hurt.If you have issues with motorcycle rules/regs...join the AMA, and fight the source.

Ha, that's coming from a guy with the name "HempKing"!! Okay.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Whoops, it was JJ. Never mind. By the way, the last time I was pulled over the guy was very nice to me. Said what he needed to and let it go. A while back my brother was pulled over the the cop acted like an idiot. You know, the patronizing, lecturing, and provoking. Boils down to professionalism IMO.

There is obviously power involved with being a police officer. I happen to know quite a few because of my line of work. Its almost like have two personalities to do their job. One that restores order to their county/city, (On duty with power) and one that gets along great with most other people. (Off Duty and Who Cares)

These guys and gals have a very negative job. Most of their contact with people is because someone was doing something wrong and it requires them to provide enforcement which no doubt makes someone mad. ie, my neighbor plays his music to loud or someone took my kids bike. Someones always done something wrong and will want to argue or at least make excuses for what or why they did it.(How often do people get officers names and badge numbers when they do something nice?)

If you had to argue with people making excuses all day long, I think it would be easy to carry your attitude from one incident to the next.

Who knows mabye this cop just came from a call where he had to deal with domestic violence or child abuse. That in itself would probably get my adrenaline up enough to make me kind of a jerk the rest of the shift. Everyone has bad days and good days and mabye if it was a diffrent day he may never of stopped to talk to you.

Its unfortunate that you had a bad experience with your incident. In a perfect world they would have been considerate and just asked you to move it. I think most cops would treat you that way, but I try to understand when they don't. Stress and Chaos gets to everyone.

And if none of this applies, well some people were just born with their Butt where their face is suppost to be.

My $.02

F.Y.I. If your ever interested, most departments have a ride along program where you can actually see what their job is all about.

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I never argue with officers. If I disagree with whatever they got me for I go to court. You never win by arguing with them in the field. Alot of them will mellow out when they realise Im not gonna be confrontational, but there are quite a few of those butt where face is supposed to go guys.

Just a word of caution, don't park a hot bike around kids (bicycles) unless you are going to be around to watch it. It would not be good if a kid bumps into that red hot head pipe.

Well, I can tell you first hand that the law enforcement community has many aspects and attributes associated with it that are common in most any other kind of job in America. Namely, that every police agency or department has it's (small) share of overconfident, egotistical, or common sense-less officers. And it's this small percentage of officers that give an overall bad image of cops.

Think about it. How many times have each of us been stopped by a cop? Was the experience positive or negative? If it was negative, and the officer, or deputy, or trooper was a prick, or had "the attitude", you will remember that contact forever, and it will leave a very bad taste in your mouth about cops in general. But it's not fair to label all the good cops (majority) because of the few bad apples out there that take it upon themselves to strap on the gun and play "Buford T. Justice".

Every employer in America has it's share of people that fit this description (i.e. the a**holes). We all know and work with these type of people every day. It's just that cops with attitudes stand out more because they are in a position of authority, and they have the discretion to make your wallet a little thinner, or even take you to jail.

Bottom line: Don't judge or condemn the entire crop because of one or two bad seeds.

Ok, I'm going to add gas to the fire.

Last ticket I got was for driving in the bicycle lane. It was 11:30 at night, industrial road, and I had simply pulled over because a motorcycle cop was coming up from behind me with his lights on. I simply pulled all the way to the right, which apparently was a bicycle lane.

He didn't even give me a chance to explain. Said to give him my info. I asked what I was going to be cited for and he told, all I could do was laugh in disbelief.

I've been riding on the street for almost 10 years, this is the second ticket I've ever had.

Sorry, but it was BS. I lost the battle in court and appeals court too. They will believe the cop everytime unless you just happen to have a witness or video.

Oh yeah, the time before I got pulled over the cop admitted that he was sitting on the side of the road when I passed by him at a high rate of speed. He said he bumper-paced me at 105 mph in a 65 mph zone. Also BS, because had I been going that fast he would have had to run his tired old Capri at over 140 mph just catch up. First words out his mouth were M...F.... G... D... crotch rocket. And he waved happily at every Harely who drove by while he wrote the ticket.



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thats a good point. Your muffler is red hot and if some toaches it there gonna be in pain. About 10 years ago I parked my bike in a parking spot right in front of a store to use the outside pay phone. A lady came out with her 3 year old and he saw the bike and started to go to it. I was watching him as he lifted his hand up to grab the muffler. I dropped the phone and screamed as load as I could. The kid jumped and froze. His mom grabed him and asked me what my problem was, saying he isn't gonna hurt your motorcycle. I told her if he would have toached the muffler they'd be on the way to the hospital. She looked at me and said thank you with a look on her face like she had no idea that they got so hot.


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You have to be kidding right? You make some good points, and don't get me wrong here, but this is exactly what I'm talking about.

If you believe that some cops don't abuse their position, then you have blinders on your eyes.

I have friends who are cops, and fire fighters, etc. I was in the Marines for almost 9 years. I know what true integrity is and haven't seen much in my experiences with the law. The ratio for me is about 50/50. Which is pretty poor.

I also know good people who weren't hired by the police department because of something they did more than 20 years ago. And I know people who should have never gotten a job as a cop, who got on the force.

All I'm saying is, the job is tough, everyone recognizes that. But, cops need to remember that the average citizen is not their enemy and stop treating us as such.


My personal experience with the police has been very positive. I have been let off of more tickets than I have been given. These guys/gals are just like you and me. I don't kiss their a** but if i'm guilty I don't try to B.S. my way out of it either. This sidewalk thing doesn't sound like the crime of the century, Thump obviously didn't know he was at fault. What I am saying is, when you choose to break the law, however minor, acknowledge the risk and if you get caught, take it like a man.


What is V & T? Why shouldn't an officer tell a motorist what they did wrong before/during asking for license/reg/insurance? You've already got the license plate number.


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